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Aug 20, 2015
Smith County, TN
Come spring I want bamboo shoots! If they survive in your area they should survive here.

Snowing here all day. The freezing rain snow mix is what concerns me. I have to go to work in a little while. Not looking forward to driving.
Drive safe nunny
Good afternoon!
I just got my electricity back on.
No more rain here yet, a little wind but it is cold out there.
Iv'e spent my morning eating "thoughtful sized" fun dip and needing to call the propane company.
I haven't seen them since October, no idea why they hate doing their job so much.
stay warm chicky


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Mar 9, 2014
Northern Colorado
Well it snowed more. I didn't measure it but it was enough to be well above the ankle.

Although the big coop pop door was open....I did not clear this morning's birds came out.
Yesterday I had to fetch Cinders from trying to roost in the run....technically hunkered down in the most protected corner. She popped up when I went in the run and straight into the coop. Not really walking odd or anything. Tonight she is on the roost.


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Mar 10, 2017
Greater Seattle
For all those with rain, I feel ya, but I'm not complaining. I'll take our year long mild weather over the rest of the country's any day. I don't have to worry about flooding in my immediate area, but there are a lot of rivers at flood stage. We've had maybe 2 days this year where it didn't rain at all. There's even a town that is now an island, but at least we're not freezing our butt cheeks together.
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