Nuttier than a squirrels stash
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Mar 9, 2014
Northern Colorado
:frow Good morning Henny, have a great day and stay warm

:frow Good morning Cheepteach, have a great day
So far so good. Hiding inside for now.
I THINK I have the stuff to do the Bitty run and the hoop run. I will have to see if I have enough to do the north side of the duck run. If not Home Depot is a very short drive.
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Sep 7, 2015
New Lenox township. Illinois USA
My Coop
What is going on at your place? Random dead hawk. Now a doe with no luck. Whats next? Bigfoot? You better get a picture if he shows up!
Ooh! Say Hi to Darrell when he shows!
But, but, but it's 2020
LOL :gig
Nothing unusual yet today

Actually I have seen bigfoot, 3 houses east of me. He stays in the shed. But I see them in the treeline. . He might be out for Halloween, if I see one I will take a picture. One summer there was one in a bikini. 😱
They are rather quite and freeze when I see them

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