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Still crazy after all these years.
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Aug 26, 2009
Out to pasture
We had the 13 year cicada's this year. In 4 years we get the 17 year ones, like millions/billions. They said last time hearing their combined noise for an hour can cause permanent deafness. Hopefully I will have less of them here - had to have a badly infected 50 yr.old tree that was home to MANY!!, cut down last year.( $ 2400 + was my nest egg) :hit


Nuttier than a squirrels stash
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Mar 9, 2014
Northern Colorado
Like the roosters go ...COCKA -DOODLE - DOOOOO? 😛
Lol yeah but the female ducks are the loud ones. The males are super quiet.

Morning everyone. :frow

So sorry about the tree and the big bucks to remove it @drumstick diva. :hugs

@CapricornFarm That is a tremendous amount of water you are expecting! 😲

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