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Jun 16, 2008
San Antonio Texas

Have you ever had your pictures stolen or used in someone elses adds ???

Was Browsing through hatching eggs on Ebay, & saw that someone stole my Polish Picture & is useing it to sell their eggs

Beware !!!

What Do you Do when someone uses you pics ???

I tried contacting ebay, but that didn't work

Here is my pic they are using, on their add

OMG really. How lazy do they have to be to go and take a pic of there own chickens, NOOOO they have to search the internet for someone else chicken LOL.
No wonder why they stole it it's gorgeous! Lovely colors people steal things because they can't get a nice picture like that. I've never had my pics stolen but it would make me mad if someone did. I mean is t that hard to take a camera and snap a pic of Thier own?
I do freelance photography and also do all the advertising photography of insects for my boss, who's an exterminator. We've seen other companies steal my pics from our website and I just write to them and tell them that the photo is my property, that it's copyright protected, and that they can either A) remove it immediately, B)pay me a royalty of X $ amount, or C) I will sue them. I've never once received a reply, but the photos always immediately disappear.
And by the way, all of my photos are not actually copyright protected, but no one has ever challenged me on it, because they know they stole it.
Contact the seller & tell them exactly what Laurajean said.

Photography is considered "art".....copyright is immediate...as soon as the art work is completed by the artist/photographer, it becomes the property of the artist & all rights are retained by the artist. No useage of the work is allowed without express written consent of the artist.

I made a living as an artist for alot of years!

Go get 'em!!!
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You can try to watermark your photo, but those in the know, can copy the photo still, create a layer, & then edit out the watermark, & then save the layer...
When the old American Brahma Club site was working, I had an album of my Brahmas. They changed to a new website and removed all the albums but are now using my pictures without giving me credit. They have even mis-labeled some of the colors!

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