Jul 30, 2018
North Carolina
Someone is wanting to give me about 5 Chickens and I'm a little concerned about accepting them because I'm afraid if I combine some random persons chickens with my flock, that a disease may get in my flock. Anything I can do to prevent a disease from getting in my flock and accept them or what? I didn't really want to put them in a separate cage but if I have to I will. GOD bless.


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Jul 23, 2018
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You have to put them in an isolation coop/run or you risk introducing disease/parasites to your flock.
Most people are not equipped to do a true quarantine but a 30-day quarantine is best followed by a 1 week or more period of "look don't touch" isolation near your flock before careful integration.


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Feb 15, 2012
I'd coop them up away from you chickens and deworm them as well as treat for coccidiosis. I'd also go ahead and give your chickens a round of corid too as a preventative. After a month you can introduce them to each other hens should be fine as long as they have a nice amount of space, be a little more careful introducing the rooster if theres one. I dont add new chickens to my flock unless theyre chicks, or just some real nice breeders, but you always run the risk of introducing diseases and could always lose some of your chickens no matter how careful you are.

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