Show off your Delawares! *PIC HEAVY*

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    Jeremy, I've had ones like that on occasion. Sometimes, I think they get in an unusual position or they just grow a bit too large for the egg at the very end, so he'll be exhausted for a day or two. If he lays there all night, don't sweat it. They can take up to 48 hours to get to their feet when they've been struggling so long.

    Ladyhawk calls me from time to time to get weather reports or for me to look at a map and advise her. She is near Lincoln, Nebraska. Poor thing, they closed Hwy 80 behind her and in front of her due to snow-they're having record cold temps out west (record heat here in GA). Then the reopened eastbound and they continued. She started last Sunday night, remember? Whew! I am tired just thinking about it.
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    Quote:That's only an hour from my home in Iowa!

    Oh gez, I bet those poor animals are about to go crazy by now! Needless to say how the humans are!
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    Hello all!!

    I'm sorry for my long absence. In this case, extremely long. I have been following the thread some and am caught up on some stories, like someone getting rotten egg blown up on them [​IMG]

    Cyn, I know how you feel about needing a break. Thats part of my absence. We planted strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, peppers, grape plants and blackberry plants. Tending to them has kept me busy. If you can, tell Ladyhawk I wish her goodl uck for the rest of her move. It must be terrible going through what she is going through. I cant imagine.

    I have some sad, sad news on my part. [​IMG] I sold my Original Delaware girls, Heffner, and Oreo last week. I held each one lovingly before I sold them... Nearly cried my eyes out when I sold Heffner and Oreo. I loved them quite a bit, but I have to make room for the new babies!! I have four of Heffners children, 3 of Oreos, and 1 from a Cuckoo Maran rooster and a mixed hen I have. They will be two weeks old this Sunday [​IMG]

    I set some of my Delaware eggs and James' BLRWs and Cochins last week as well. Looks like my Del roo Legs is doing good. I tossed 2 out of 42 on his eggs, which is amazing!!

    Jeremy, congratualations on the HATCH!!! I'm feeling you on the anxiousness and cuteness. Babies are just... too cute. They need to hatch with a warning lable [​IMG]

    poultryhaven, those chicks are just precious!
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    So I went out to the coop and here are some pics. Hope they are ok. some pics are of different views for the look at the width and tail barring. the girls w/ the least amount of black on the hackles are the non hatchery girls.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    can you spot the Ideal hen?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    can you find the Del eggs?

    A dozen of my Del eggs are noticably bigger and heavier than the eggs from non Dels.
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    Looking at there feet you must have a lot of mud or snow.
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    I have to tell you this Delaware story ...
    My 6 year old grandson is here for a long weekend, while his parents flew to Reno. He wants to collect eggs, and be helpful, but he isn't quite sure if those chickens will, "get him!" He is a bit stand-offish and careful not to get too close to them. WELL, we all know a Delaware just won't tolerate that! The older Dels were out and about. Of course as soon as they see us they are following us and pestering us! [​IMG] Kadin and I sat on this old picnic table (that we use as a saw horse), with just about a foot of space between us. One friendly pullet (by the way, her name is now Della), came to visit us. She checked out our shoes and our pants for a bit. THEN, she jumped up and sat down right between us! We petted her and felt her waddles and beak, as she sat ever so quietly. This went on for a full 10 minutes, and then she laid her head down on me (near my arm) as if cuddling! Kadin was so happy and excited, and informed me that he just has to talk his dad into letting him take Della home with him, "because we need to have the eggs!" "If he only lets me have one chicken, I want this one!"

    Here is another story of Kadin's weekend adventures:

    Grandkids are so much more fun than raising our own children! [​IMG]
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    Kathy, I so enjoy reading your posts. The one about your grandson and the hatching eggs was wonderful. What a great grandma you are. I only hope to that good when I have grand kids. My kids loved to go visit their grandparents and their chickens too when they were little (all adults now). I cant say they ever had a chicken settle down for attention next to them though. But then again I don't think they had Delawares [​IMG]
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    Aw! I love that story! That is such a Delaware thing. I swear, if my girls had not started being a pain in Isaac's wattles, I'd still be breeding them. They are just the most personable, friendly girls and fabulous layers. Mine lay good size eggs with great shell quality, so I don't know why anyone would be getting small eggs from them after the pullet egg stage. They are really an awesome breed.
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    Jeremy- how is little Quasimodo doing this morning? Is he unhunched? Did the Orp egg ever do anything?

    Poultryhaven- those are cute little peepers!! Thank you for the chickie fix. Where did you get your Dels? And what are the other little stripey cuties in there?

    DELGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got big tears in my eyes- Heffner and Oreo started this thread!!! I know you will have found them good homes, and you have their kids, and that is good, but I bet that was a hard thing to do! Please keep us updated on the hatch- not to mention the garden, which is making me antsy to get out in mine. . . .

    Rancher Hicks- those Del eggs look great. I can't wait till my little girls start laying regular size eggs- this pullet egg thing is cute, but it takes a few more to make breakfast! Can I ask I really ignorant question??? PLEASE excuse me for this, but none of mine roost, they simply will not take to the roosts, so I have no idea if that's what their tails do when they roost- curve down like that? I am still a chicken novice.....

    Kathy- yay for little Della, she has made another convert. Kadin will grow up to be a chicken rancher and president of SDWD!!! That is a precious story-

    Good morning everyone else, and blessings on Cetawin, wherever she is at this moment. Bet Fattie bites her good and hard when she finally gets out of her cage!
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    Quote:I got them from Eric (ThePamperedPullet), I think all of them are Delewares except for the one bluish one.

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