Silkie hen won't eat, poor balance, can't poop URGANT!!


Feb 23, 2018
Hello, my favorite white silkie hen, Murphy, is acting strangely. I noticed today that she hasn't been pooping, only yellow green liquid is leaking from her vent. I checked for a stuck egg, there isn't any. She isn't interested in eating much, and her balance isn't very good. She's been on corrid in her chickhood. but I put her on it again. It's only been a few hours and she's on a sharp decline. I tried giving her a bath and massage her vent to see if I could dislodge any blockages, but nothing came out.

I really need help, please. I can hardly bare this.
YOU NEED TO QUARANTINE HER ASAP. Take out ALL hay from any possible place that chickens could get to. Treat the sick one with Backyard chicken healthyflock tabs and durvet vitamins & electrolytes for poultry. Before doing this treatment check her vent for bugs if she doesn’t have any then treat her with stuff above. Feed her oranges if she won’t eat them squeez the orange and have her drink that. Do not buy orange juice from any store and give it to her squeeze the orange yourself.
Alright, I'll quarantine her. Also she is almost a year old, and has laid eggs before. She has recently stopped laying but I think that's because she's molting right now. I have electrolytes and I can go get some oranges. She is looking a little better, she was willing to eat a little bit of oats, but not much else.
It's important to know if this came on very suddenly or if this hen has been acting sick for many days and getting progressively worse.

If it happened suddenly, I would suspect she got into something toxic. That could include soil contaminated by leaky machinery or the disposal of paint thinner used to clean paint brushes, and recent pesticide use, or putrid compost to name just a few.

If it came on gradually, I would suspect an avian virus.
For a past couple days she acted kinda tired, but she still ate and foraged so I wasn't too concerned. But today it was a fast downhill event.

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