Swampy Louisiana problems... ponding water on coop floor


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Mar 12, 2018
Good afternoon everyone!

My wife and i recently built a larger coop for our 20 birds, switching from 3 smaller tractor style coops to an 8'x16' walk in coop. A very nice upgrade. However, the area we had to construct the coop (my front yard) holds a lot of water during a rain, typically the area naturally drains off after about a day or so. Having a natural dirt floor instead of not building a wooden floor may ha

I'm looking for options for materials to cover my existing ground. I think i would like to add in-between 7 and 12 inches of whatever fill. Currently i was leaning towards river sand based on what i have read, but my wife is unsure. Because of this i thought i would reach out to the community here and see if anyone has suggestions.

Thank you all for your time! Ryan & Jess
A dry coop is a happy coop. And a healthy one as well. Consider a build up of stone. It drains well. Then on top of that place landscape fabric. cover that with river sand. You can also choose Deep Litter. The elevated stone will provide good drainage in those times when you do get the extra water. The landscape fabric will keep the stone in good drain condition.
WISHING YOU BEST...... and :welcome
Hi, I feel you. As a native south Louisiana boy, I have a healthy fear of water gone wild. :rolleyes:
I have some ideas that you may consider, but you may end up with some of one and some of another, or none of any. If you are in a hurry and have access to free pallets, consider throwing them down with cheapo plywood on top for a TEMP fix. Not a good permanent one, as you know it will rot and it holds poop and dirt and everything else. But just to get them out of walking in 10 inches of water, it may help for a few days.
Decomposed granite is great material to use where you are if you can keep it in place. Cinder blocks filled with decomp granite is even better, but @ 8x16 feet, you'd need maybe 250 blocks @ 1.70ish a piece? Pricey. But I have successfully made my own circles with concrete and then filled around them with decomposed granite. It can raise your walking level by as large you cut the buckets strips. To explain this I've attached a Very simple picture. You can pour these in place and pull the rings off when they dry and then fill around them with gravel or decomp or whatever and your drainage is better than with straight sand. Because in south Louisiana, you are dealing not only with lots of standing water, but with wanting to move the water someplace else, also. Decomposed granite runs maybe 40$ a cubit yard depending. Good luck.


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Thank you everyone for the tips! I'm going to browse the local aggregate dealer and see what kind of material he carries.
This is just be temporary as I have also decided to turn my dirt floor coop into a raised coop. i just wont be able to walk into it as easily anymore. but my birds should enjoy a nice dry coop with a large run!
I’d field tile the ground underneath and around to redirect the water, the do one of the above suggestions for the floor...
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