The American Steel Playhouse Coop frame w/steel roof


10 Years
Jan 25, 2010
Monticello, Arkansas
The American Steel Playhouse Coop!

We now have available an all steel roof and frame backyard coop. Customer would have to finish out with wire and enclosing nest/roost area. $700 picked up in Monticello, Arkansas. We can finish it out for you for cost of materials and small fee. Or you can purchase the plans to complete the coop. This frame is manufactured to my specs by a steel carport manufacturer. It is actually built on the plans of the coop pictured. You would need to purchase the plans from to complete this coop. The steel frame would last for years! Various colors of metal are available. See these colors at

also have standard carport sizes available for:

12x21: $695

18x21: $795

These would have to be slightly modified with wire and enclosures to be a coop. But will last for years.

Email me with specific questions about colors etc and I can email you the answer. Other questions please post here so I can publically answer your question. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for assembly, as all coop frames and carports are assembled after purchase.


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