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Free Ranging
Jan 4, 2019
North East USA
Swimming?.... and tips for summer.

Yes, chickens can and sometimes will swim. They float! I'm hoping to teach some of my girls to swim this summer. Please make sure your always paying attention though. Chickens can drown! Just like ducks can sometimes. Also, I would not put chicks in the water because they can get cold or even die. I typed into youtube "Chicken swimming in kids pool" and a few videos came up. I clicked on the first or second and it was a hilarious video!! You can watch it too! (It was a Golden Laced Wyandotte)

Two signs that your chickens are over heating are:

1. Panting. Chickens will pant like a dog. Mine did last summer.
2. Lifting their wings away from their bodies. (Mine did that two!)
You can give them a shallow tub of cool water to walk around in.
You can set up a mister/sprinkler.
You can put ice blocks in the run so they can lean against them.
You can run a fan. Just make sure the chickens can not get to it because they could get hurt.

ONE IMPORTANT THING IS: Make sure your flock ALWAYS, always, has fresh cool water to drink.

Enjoy the summer! :bun


Duck love is recognizable in any language
Nov 26, 2018
My Coop
My Coop
I have 18 hens and 1 rooster,
Lucy, Penny, Sadie, Patsy, Betty, Roxanne, Abbey, Bea, Pam, Lulu, Molly, Thelma Lou, Elly Mae, Janis, Olivia, Joni, Rita and the roo is Julian (was supposed to be a female named Julia...)
3 ducks Elsa, Inga and IKEA
What breeds do you have? I know my family always ask"how do you tell the difference?" But, come on, we kind of know how. There's 1 maybe even two or three or more differences that nobody else can find but you ;)
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