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Jan 18, 2008
Yes! I cringe whenever I see people with double coated dogs shaving them down in the summer. Just brush them! And the bonus: you can make an entire new dog every time you brush out their undercoats. ;)
Yes!! Exactly!!! Regular brushing will really go a long way towards keeping them cool. Especially if you also have water, dirt to dig in, and/or shade for them to cool off in haha

And yes! So true! Some people actually turn dog fur into yarn. :lau


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May 22, 2019
A cypress swamp in FL
Developing eggs are...

Going in to lockdown tomorrow...
  1. Maylay - 5
  2. Barnyard chicken (ours) - 1
Lockdown on 8/27
  1. LF Silkies - 3
Lockdown on 3/5
  1. BBS Birchen Marans (or fibro Marans...) - 4
  2. Barnyard chicken (ours) - 4
  3. Houdan - 8
Lockdown on 3/12
  1. Runner (potential Call cross) - 6
  2. Barnyard Ducks (ours) - 6
Total... 37 developing eggs

Miss Lydia

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Oct 3, 2009
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And believe it or not it’s actually not too bad. The hair helps keep them cool too as much as it keeps them warm. And if you only exercise them before and after the sun is up/down when it’s cooler and/or provide them with water and shade to cool off in, they’re fine. They actually kind of adapt to the temperature they are in so will grow more coat in a cooler environment or have next to none in a super hot environment believe it or not haha

Believe it or not that can actually make it worse. Double coated dogs should not be shaved. As long as you brush the undercoat out regularly so air can flow through properly, the coat helps to keep them cool and prevent sunburn. But then again Trim is used to hairless dogs and the work involved so it might not be as bad ha but you can’t put sunscreen on if they have some fur I Bet and a shirt for a dog that size would be a bit expensive. :p
I was just kidding on the shave! Chris can just add another pool to his menagerie.


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Jun 25, 2019
My Coop
My Coop
Yesterday I dragged my brooder tank out and got it nice and clean for the littles 😍

I've ordered an infrared heat lamp bulb to use this go round, hopefully it will help them SLEEP in the dark, and not party like rockstars all night long. Have yall used one before? Happy with it?

I'm not ready to go all in on the heat plate because I'm not sure how much use it would get, and I'm assuming ducklings would need the biggest size.
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