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My name is Lisa, and my family and I live on 10 acres in the Snoqualmie Valley in Western Washington State.

I am just getting started on the research end of things and would appreciate being pointed in any useful direction.

We would like to try keeping chickens strictly for egg laying. We have a few wildlife challenges - coyotes in abundance (always on the property), bears periodically (we had leased land to a beekeeper whose bee hives were wiped out by a bear), and the odd cougar now and then (never sighted on our property, but definite sightings nearby.)

Our winters are very wet - mostly rain, but periodic snow storms...very unpredictable - and though moderate by North Dakota standards, can get pretty cold by any "normal" measure.

Summers are generally mild with periodic, but thankfully brief heat waves in the high 90's/low 100's.

I'm specifically seeking:
1) Suggestions for good egg-laying breeds that thrive in our area, are easy to handle, and hardy.
2) I get the essential components of a coop, but would appreciate pointers on "coyote/bear/cougar proofing" tips and tricks.

Thanks and looking forward to an eggs-ellent eggs-perience on the forum!

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Hi from West Texas

Check out This web page It should help you out. There are also some books that you can get like Story's Illustrated Guide to Poultry breeds which has lots of full size color pics and breed descriptions or Raising Chickens for Dummies which should help with how to keep the predators away. I have both an really like them. Also the Forum here is really good for ALL your Q's; there isn't really such a thing as a dumb question on BYC.
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Hi Lisa Come join us on the "Where are you?" Washington thread. I know a lot of different one are from up your way. I am just a bit further south in Enumclaw. If you have any questions, I will help as I can or refer you to others that are more experienced than myself.

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WELCOME from Olympia, WA ~ You came to the right place.

This is where I learned everything I needed and then some.

I was new to chickens back in Feb 09. LOVING the fresh eggs daily.

I'm really HAPPY with my first girls I selected. They were shipped up from New Mexico in Feb, when the temps were still cold, so I would say they are very hardy. They all survived the cold and the little heatwaves we had really well and would recommend these 3 breeds for the beginner like me.

Plymouth Barred Rock, Buff Orpingtons, and Rhode Island Reds.

They remain friendly to the point of getting toes stepped on for getting so close whenever I come near. They let me pick them up and love pets.

I have red tail, bald eagle, and coyote that visit my 4 acres. My run is covered, I always lock my girls up in preditor proof coop every night, and I don't free range unless I'm out watching.

Haven't lost one yet and don't intend to if I can help it.

Best of luck to you. It is such a joy to watch them grow.


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Hi Lisa
Welcome to BYC from North Central Florida. I lived in North Bend for 34 years before moving to Florida to help take care of my parents.
I raised New Hampshires there and had great success with them. Any of the heavy breeds would do fine.

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