1. Everose


    Do you love okra as much as I do? I eat it straight off the plant.
  2. T3rrorToff33

    Glass gem corn harvest

    Thought id post of my glass gem corn harvest! I wanted to plant corn in my garden for about 7 years and FINALLY got around to it this year. Some of them ended up as sweet corn hybrids so instead of saving those I just cooked and ate them after harvest, pretty good meal I'd say! I harvested...
  3. ChickenLeg

    ChickenLeg's Cup of Joe Thread

    Hey mates 🖐 I have a few random threads I update time to time, but thought it'd be nice to have a catch-all thread with no specific focus. I find myself checking BYC at work each morning.. so Good Morning BYC and welcome to my cup of joe ☕☕☕
  4. Paula321

    Chicken Coop Build in a Permaculture Food Forest

    With a lot of help from Back Yard Chickens in the last two years, our flock is happily thriving. With your design help, we submitted plans for our coop and received extensive direction redesigning. Here is a video of the process and build, safety measures as well as an update on my little...
  5. M

    Question about adding used coop bedding to garden

    Hi guys. I’m 3 months into having chickens & I was wondering how to use their dirty poo bedding. Does anybody add the used bedding to their garden in the fall and then till it in when spring arrives? I use pine shavings. How long should it compost before adding to the garden? Thanks in advance!
  6. bgmathteach

    New Member: Barb AKA Betty G Lou

    Hi All, I'm a new member to Backyard Chickens. I've been reading items/threads from your site for a couple of years now (when they come up in google searches!) I am joining now because I actually had a thought that might help someone!!! (instead of being on the receiving end all the time...
  7. BReeder!

    Preserving Your Harvest

    We have a garden that had produced very well this year. In fact, it's our best garden in 6 years and two homes. I have a real passion for growing food we can eat. It's always great to have a salad fresh picked form the garden or cook a meal with fruit and vegetables, and even meat, harvested...
  8. danielle2003

    Mealworm Frass as Fertilizer

    I raise mealworms, and I was wondering if I could use their frass (or poop) as plant fertilizer. If so, how much, and how often to apply it? Thank you.
  9. lilmillefleur

    The Houseplant Thread

    Hi, it’s me, Anna. You may also know me from the Artists thread. Well, it turns out I’m also a beginner gardener and plant keeper! Feel free to post pics of your plants and any advice you can share with me, a newbie :D I’ll begin! I first started keeping cacti/succulents a few years back, but it...
  10. S

    Introducing chickens to an existing garden with toxic plants

    We have a decent sized suburban backyard that we've been cultivating for 4-5 years now, and recently came home with 4 chicks. We have a beautiful rhododendron that finally bloomed for the first time this year, as well as california poppies and two kinds of ferns (western sword fern and giant...
  11. PioneerChicks

    Gardening Thread 2021

    Who is excited for gardening season? :celebrate What are your plans? Are you trying anything new this year? Are you growing a garden for your chickens?
  12. orloffer

    How Best to Plant My Little Avocado Sapling?

    A while back I submerged an avocado pit in water in a jam jar to see if it would grow. It took a long time, but finally it did, and now the plant is almost too big for the jam jar! :celebrate I want to plant it soon so that the roots have the space they need to grow. Being a complete novice at...
  13. BudgieKing15

    Y'all need to see the size of my coleus!! They are HUGE!!!

    I have some coleus plants that I planted in front of my house. They have gotten bigger than almost any other plant I have!!! Plus, the leaves are nearly the size of my hand!
  14. HippieAtHeart

    Meet Monty My Mud Head!

    So I was watching Monty Dons’ big dreams small spaces on Netflix because I have become a huge fan and in the one episode the lady decided she wanted a mud head. Contrary to Monty’s suggestions she made her mud head and since then I have always wanted one. I think they are just so magical. The...
  15. Entreparadis


    I have had peacocks (males only) for a few years now and sadly lost my youngest to a fight last week. I want to learn as much as I can about animal care, health and risks, so that I can prevent and remedy as many problems as possible. I also care for 5 Rhode island reds and 3 plymouth rocks hens...
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