1. KJsHalfPintFarm

    New member intro: OhInKy tri state, 3 hens, garden zone 6b

    Hello it's day 49 with my 3 ISA brown hens Fomo, Shadow and Shy. They are 10 months old first brought into the family as chicks by my brother, then fostered out to inlaws in suburban/rural free range setup until my life and yard were ready. (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first...
  2. Chickensaurus Rex

    How to fence in areas off-limits to chickens in a way that looks nice?

    The title is my question! My girls are BIG and started laying for the first time ever yesterday!! I'm so thrilled and proud of them. 😂It's almost September which means it's time to start a big garden conversion project. The basic gist is I have a 2000sqft fenced in side yard thanks to previous...
  3. mybackyardhobbyfarm

    My Backyard Hobby Farm

    Hi everyone We have a little hobby farm in BC Canada 🇨🇦 if you are interested in polish chickens, call ducks, bantam Cochins, frizzle chickens, gardening and building chicken coops , please follow along on my YouTube channel We’re also on Facebook and...
  4. Bella the Chicken Lover

    Frost Coming! Could someone Please Give Advice?

    Hi there! I planted all of my plants a few days ago, because it has been in the 70's(Yay!) Now, there is a frost coming, and since my garden is big, I can't cover it all with tarps, blankets, ect. Because it's so big! I have some grass clippings, will those help? Any advice would be appreciated...
  5. ShrekDawg

    Dawg’s Gardening Thread!!!

    I know there’s several gardening threads already but I wanted one central place where I could post my endeavors and not have to post a million different places and times all over the forums hahah so here it goes. I’m hoping to have a huge garden this year but we’ll see. So far I have a lot...
  6. sheknitsandcrochets

    Favorite Pepper Varieties to Grow?

    A month and a half or so ago, I created a thread asking what all of your favorite heirloom tomato varieties were. Since then I've gotten lots of great information on growing tomatoes, and you all have influenced us to purchase seeds for several more promising tomato varieties (such as Black...
  7. sheknitsandcrochets

    Which of these is your favorite Micro Dwarf Tomato to grow?

    I saw both of these varieties on but am unsure which to choose. I've never grown micro dwarf tomatoes before, but I might experiment with a plant on a windowsill. Not sure if I'll even try this, but I'm curious which you all like best.
  8. sheknitsandcrochets

    Septoria Leaf Spot on Tomato plants

    Recently I've been having a septoria leaf spot issue with my tomato plants. For most of the growing season I've had no trouble with it, but in this last month or so most of my tomato plants have caught it. I've been trying to trim off all or most of the diseased foliage, but this is quite the...
  9. PioneerChicks

    Pot gardening thread!!!

    I'm getting into pot gardening this year! I've gardened in beds and raised house plants and mint in pots but this will be my first time raising tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, etc. in containers. Please give advice, share your experiences and what you're trying this year, and simply chat about...
  10. RebelEgger

    Do you put your plants outside?

    Hello!! I am a relatively new plant mom, I've been getting serious about this since about January and have a nice little collection now. They just brighten up a space! I have a Bird of Paradise I bought from Home Depot 2-3 months ago, I just finished treating it for spider mites (my first time...
  11. Oldegarlicshnapp

    Garden question: Moldy seed problem

    I’ve been trying on and off to grow cacao seed with the same issue every time. They always develop some kind of fungus or mold. It gets to their center and kills off the taproot- rotting it off. I’ve never had this problem with other plants and I grew these as I’ve grown any other. In fact I...
  12. DramaBrahmaMama


    Y'all... My husband is a magician!!! Last fall my husband and son were able to do some salvage work on a building that was going to be demo'd. They pulled studs, and plywood and screws and nails. There was some steal siding and peak caps laying behind the building. I put some ideas down on...
  13. Everose


    Do you love okra as much as I do? I eat it straight off the plant.
  14. T3rrorToff33

    Glass gem corn harvest

    Thought id post of my glass gem corn harvest! I wanted to plant corn in my garden for about 7 years and FINALLY got around to it this year. Some of them ended up as sweet corn hybrids so instead of saving those I just cooked and ate them after harvest, pretty good meal I'd say! I harvested...
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