1. orloffer

    How Best to Plant My Little Avocado Sapling?

    A while back I submerged an avocado pit in water in a jam jar to see if it would grow. It took a long time, but finally it did, and now the plant is almost too big for the jam jar! :celebrate I want to plant it soon so that the roots have the space they need to grow. Being a complete novice at...
  2. DontChickenOut14

    Y'all need to see the size of my coleus!! They are HUGE!!!

    I have some coleus plants that I planted in front of my house. They have gotten bigger than almost any other plant I have!!! Plus, the leaves are nearly the size of my hand!
  3. HippieAtHeart

    Meet Monty My Mud Head!

    So I was watching Monty Dons’ big dreams small spaces on Netflix because I have become a huge fan and in the one episode the lady decided she wanted a mud head. Contrary to Monty’s suggestions she made her mud head and since then I have always wanted one. I think they are just so magical. The...
  4. Entreparadis


    I have had peacocks (males only) for a few years now and sadly lost my youngest to a fight last week. I want to learn as much as I can about animal care, health and risks, so that I can prevent and remedy as many problems as possible. I also care for 5 Rhode island reds and 3 plymouth rocks hens...
  5. humblehillsfarm

    My Chicken Coop (& and some garden adventures)

    I wish I had thought to photograph the bedding, but I use Grounds bedding, which is just recycled coffee grounds. I've been using it for about two months and love it so far! Thus far the flock free ranges, but I hope to change that by the end of the year. This is my newly transplanted apple...
  6. reddirtbirds

    Native buckbrush in chicken run?

    I’ve got a 1000sqft run that I’m working on planting shrubs and bushes in for shady predator-free cover. I’ve so far got a lilac shrub that I transplanted from another part of my yard, zebra grass, and some kind of other native shrub I also transplanted. I’m one of my horse pastures I have TONS...
  7. ourlilfarm2015

    Berries & other Fruits

    Hello! I would like to start out by saying I have NO green thumb. We live on an acreage and between myself, my husband, and our toddler we eat a LOT of fruit. I would love to start a few fruit bearing plants on our property. I would love a variety. I have 1 old claw foot tub that I would like...
  8. DuckMama9


    I have five, four, and three week old ducklings and I finally got the duck house built in the section of the yard that I designated for the duckpen, but I need some landscap--I mean DUCKscaping advice! The duck-pen area was a part of the yard that hasn't been used for anything for a while and...
  9. K

    Kevin, from Tasmania (southern hemisphere) here

    I am very pleased to have found this website and join. Thank you to the owners and creators! I have a long association with hens (here in Australia everyone calls them "chooks") starting from when I was only 4 or 5 years old, when I was the only one in my family who could pick up the bantams...
  10. R

    Creating a pasture in the AZ sun

    Hello, I am trying to create a pasture on my land for my chickens to free range. I live in southern AZ near Tucson. I was wondering has anyone ever attempted a pasture in the desert? If so, what tips, tricks, and info can you give me to make this go as smooth as possible. Thanks!
  11. Anime2lover

    Whats in your garden?

    Feel free to show stories and pics of things in and around your garden. Heres some pics of flowers in my gardens, not everything has bloomed yet though. i
  12. Nelson-Collier

    Grow an Infinite Amount of Tomato Plants from One Plant!!!

    How to Clone and Propagate Tomato Plants! Simple. Using this method you could grow an infinite (literally) amount of Tomato plants, from one! "Cloning" is loved by many gardeners because if you find a particular breed of Tomatoes that you love, you take a cutting and propagate it, and it is a...
  13. Claires Poultry

    Rolling Hills Farm!

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to Rolling Hills Farm! Here you will find out all about what I (and the rest of my family) do here on the farm. You will also see A LOT of pictures! :) We do a little bit of everything - gardening, growing exotic plants in the house, raising animals (cows, sheep, goats...
  14. Mourgana

    Hi! So happy to have joined this community

    Hi! My name is Morgana. I grew up on a farm in Washington state, and have had 3 previous flocks in my life. (A mixed flock of 12 made up of RIR, BO, and BR.) Then 2 chicks that were BR and RR, (given away, and killed by dogs) 2 years ago I had 4 Buff hens who laid great for years before I...
  15. SGTdebo305

    Overwhelmed compost pile by

    Hello guys, so I am doing a compost pile for the first time and I’ve noticed it has been overwhelmed by ants I’m not sure what I am doing wrong I don’t want to let my chickens at it to till it and get eaten up by the ants. What can I do? Or is this normal? I do put scraps like bell pepers...
  16. 5.3acredream

    Looking to buy raspberry canes

    I'm looking to get some new varieties of raspberries. I planted some last year but they bombed due to exceptionally low soil pH (now corrected). So in an effort not to spend an arm and a leg two years in a row... anyone able to spare a few for the spring?
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