Nov 1, 2018
Hello! We have 4 backyard ducks that are all about 8 months old and within the past 2 months they have ALL developed small to very large cases of bumblefoot either on one or both feet. We are not sure how they are getting cut -- possibly the concrete blocks they were using to get into their pool? Sticks? Diet? We've checked their pen for anything sharp and it seems to be fine. Has anyone had this happen to multiple chickens/ducks at one time and know the cause?

We have operated and cut into two of the ducks who have it the worst. One is walking fine but the other has been limping (for about 4 days now) to keep weight off of her foot and laying down as much as possible/not keeping up with the others. She is still eating and drinking water and spirits seem to be OK.

So, when we began operating on the bumblefoot, it seemed a lot different than the bumblefoot that we watched videos of. Lots of blood, the mass of puss is very tight and stringy. It is very difficult to pull out and we cannot find the end or bottom of the mass. We are also worried about cutting too deep and don't want to hit any tendons/bone. We definitely were not able to get the entire infection out. In addition we are applying antibiotic ointment, spraying their feet with Vetricyn and then wrapping them up with VetWrap.

Attached are some photos of the not so bad bumble foot that two ducks have and the really really bad bumble foot that the other two have.
We are planning to see a vet tomorrow about the limping duck. But we would really like to manage this problem with all of the birds on our own. Any insight and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.


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The top foot I wouldn’t even treat if they were mine. It looks like a normal scratch. The bottom one looks exactly like what one of mine had. It was not a hard core. It bled like crazy, and when I tried pulling it out with tweezers, I was afraid I was yanking a tendon out. So I quit. I wrapped her foot up good and gave her about 2 weeks worth of fish antibiotics. The bump wasn’t 100% better in two weeks, but it was a lot better. And the fever was gone out of it. She was a very noisy and nosy duck so I tried to keep her confined. But due to her insessant honking, I just let her back out with everyone else and rewrapped it almost every day.
Are you soaking their feet in warm Epsom salt water? I’d also use clear iodine on the bumble for at least a week and then try peeling the scab off before cutting (like letting it come to a head). I have had several chicken hens with bumble this year and used this and usually by the time I can get the scab off with my finger nail the bumble comes right out with it then I pack with Manuka honey and wrap. Triple antibiotic is also good.

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