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Wattle Fondler
May 23, 2017
Greenville S.C, formerly Noneya U.S.A person it is something else.
Dirt devils BE GONE!!
Little over the top? For us yeah, but for soap guy i'm going to say nooo
It is really good soap though, probably made out of milk carton kids but man does it clean. :caf
Mind you all the searching was online and the bottle label was only pictures of the bottle. I couldn't read a lot of it. But interesting none the less.
I'm going to google the suave ingredients and see what they really are. If they are awful then castile soap with be next.


Crossing the Road
May 8, 2017
NE Ohio
I went to check on my birds last night & found their the cord on their waterer had exposed wires near the base. Not wanting to have cooked chicken I left it unplugged. Luckily it was above freezing last night (or most of it) so hopefully they still had liquid water this morning. I spent $50 on a new waterer, thankfully I hadn't used my 10% off coupon yet so I saved a few bucks. I even grabbed a new rat trap & some hammy treats, along w/ a bag of feed & scratch for $80. Chickens are ridiculously expensive creatures to keep. I was going to grab a bottle of safe guard since it'd be a few $ less, but they were out.
I still need to get their poop checked anyway, been busy w/ the ballet stuff so I have zero free time right now.
I have to pop over tonight after work to put in the new waterer before heading back to the studio. I let them out for a few minutes yesterday & they managed to find a bit of grass under the snow. A few didn't even think about going outside. I really don't blame them.
Rain here today so much of the snow should be gone for about a day before it snows again.

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