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Free Ranging
May 12, 2016
Decatur, AL
Thank God.
I appreciate your honesty.
I thought I was the only one here who had to tuck their chickens in at bedtime.
At least I finally broke them of a VERY bad habit.
Before getting tucked in they all wanted a drink of water.
They have water in their coop. I'm not talking about that.
They got refrigerator water brought out in a bowl which got passed from beak to beak at least several times each. They'd all purr and trill for more while another one was sipping. I went up and down the line saying "last call girls! Hurry up! It's bedtime! "
I wonder when it gets hot again if they'll remember it...
My husband started it.
If he gets going on it again I'll have to break his arm.
Hahaha! I love it. My Red Production’s LUVED drinking out of the dog bowl or a puddle. This was them over the summer with a fresh bowl of ice water. I miss those days!!! Things change in the blink of an eye
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