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Mar 9, 2014
Northern Colorado
@21hens-incharge Are any of the fires near you? My brother in CA isn't far from the Bobcat fire (the one that was started by a gender reveal party).
He lives in San Gabriel, near the bottom left.
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His wife posted pics of the sky from their house. It's unbelievable. The mountain that they can see from their home is on fire. He said they don't expect it to get anywhere near their home b/c it'd have to burn through town & make it over the freeway.
Hope everyone's doing well. So sorry to hear about the rock issues w/ River & the lost birds. Bird wise things are good here. Jackie finally started laying again after her meds. Can't remember if that happened before or after I was on here last, but she had a couple lash eggs & the vet put her on antibiotics. Her eggs are really small, not much bigger than a bantam egg, but she's been laying several a week, so making up for lost time, no doubt. Lots of molting going on. William has a very advanced mullet right now. Everyone's still alive, so that's a plus. I think something's off w Toothless, so I'll probably get her into the vet soon. She's not laid an egg since she molted a while ago. She tried to lay a few, but they came out in pieces.
Kids are back in school. Older one has only 2 classes she has to go in for b/c they aren't offered online. She's got 1 other online through 1 college near us, and another she'll start next month from a different college. The younger one is all online, except she goes to the school for band if they're practicing outside. It's not too bad, but today our county went red & now they're school is doing a hybrid model where the in school kids are now going every other day. That starts Monday and goes for 2 weeks until we're out of red. One of the colleges near us has a lot of off campus housing and apparently those kids are all idiots & aren't following guidelines. My kids are older so it doesn't make a difference to us, but it really hurts the parents of younger kids who can't stay home alone.
Took them to the dr last week and the pediatrician referred the older one to a geneticist. Last year a physical therapist brought up the possibility of Marfan or Ehlers Danlos Syndromes, which I'd looked into before b/c of her weirdly hyper extended elbows and dislocated knees. Then she accidentally dislocated my daughter's knee while we were talking and she didn't tell us anything more. The pediatrician agreed that it warranted a look, so she sees a geneticist in January to see what is happening. Hopefully it's nothing and she's just got bendy joints by random chance.
I got to order computers for work for the very first time. It was very exciting. I didn't realize it was also our purchasing person's first time ordering computers too. She started in 2017 or 18 & the last computers we bought were in 2016. They gave me a portion of my budget back so I'll be able to buy a few things this year.
My dad's getting a hip replacement on Tuesday. Luckily my work is fine w/ me taking off & since I have a ton of time it's not an issue, so I'm going to stay w/ him until he's ok to be on his own. He's the typical stubborn old man so he refused to believe me when I said he HAD to have someone stay w/ him at all time when he gets home. He finally accepted it last weekend. Naturally he's doing the 'I need a will' stuff too so I have to get that finished tomorrow.
And, saving the worst for last.. a couple weeks ago one of my cousins died, of a suspected drug overdose. I say suspected b/c nothing's back yet, and b/c they didn't find anything with her that indicated that she'd taken any drugs. She was 35 and the chance that she just suddenly died in her bed for no reason is almost zero. Based on everything it sounds like someone was with her and when she overdosed they grabbed the evidence and ran. Naturally, who ever it was will never admit that they left her to die. She has a son who turned 4 the day after her funeral. They were going to have a big party for him. He's the only grandchild in their family. She had plans, she was going to school. She was trying. She expected to be there for him, but things happened. We hadn't been friends or really talked in years, for obvious reasons. Most of us knew it was going to end up like this eventually, but it doesn't make it any less shocking.
So I think that's about everything that's been happening here. This year has been absolutely exhausting.
I am sorry your brother is so close to that fire. We are close(ish) to the Cameron Peak fire. Not close enough to burn us out but the smoke is horrible at times. The sky is a weird half dusk brightness and an unnatural orange/grey sometimes. We have had ashes on everything here too.

Holy mackerel you have had a ton going on.
I am glad the kiddos are doing ok. The schools are having to adapt quickly to some very unexpected changes.

Gentle hugs for all your birds. I am glad they are hanging in there.
River is doing well. She wants to play some now but I won't allow any bouncy play yet.

Your dad is likely to be quite grumpy having mobility comprised after his surgery. My sympathies in dealing with that. He is lucky you can go help him during recovery. I hope he realises that and isn't to grumpy.

I am super sorry you lost your cousin and that young boy lost his mom. The loss of someone so young is certainly shocking. :hugs :hugs :hugs :hugs

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