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Feb 1, 2010
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I quoted this so I could use 🤦🏻‍♀️. It needs to be a response you can pick from.

:hugs:hugs:hugs for any who need them.

I've had a trying bird week myself. I lost Yicky who was to be renamed Diana. Wonder Woman's true name. Poor thing just couldn't take the injuries anymore.
Then I lost a Marans growout. It acted like it was cold one morning. It was gone the next. Found this in its gizzard. View attachment 2346722 View attachment 2346721
Very sandy feeling but hard. I cut it open but really it didn't tell me anything.
Lost an OE too. It was having crop trouble for 2 days then just died. Opened it up to find it had testies and eggs. And lots of worms. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Found a showgirl growout this morning. It wasn't acting sick at all.

Despite the 2020 curse I'm picking up some sebrights on Saturday. A lady needs to rehome them and I'm worried about only having 2 seramas. At least with 6 little tiny birds they stand a better chance of integrating to the big coop or having a coop of their own.

My darn bathroom sink gave me problems yesterday. Its always been a little slow if you run the water at full blast. Drain couldn't keep up but would always drain once the water was turned off. Yesterday it wasn't going anywhere. Tried to snake it and got nothing. Water still there. So I plunged it and black chunks came up. I figured due to me rattling the snake down the drain. Then I noticed one of the black chunks was trying to escape! Nope Nope Nope! View attachment 2346796
Thats under magnification. Maybe a house centipede larva? Still a Nope! Got the sink sorted out later. No idea what its problem was.
I had a lavendar D'uccle and a Jubilee Orpington drop dead today. The D'uccle looked off yesterday. The orp looked fine.


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Mar 9, 2014
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I lost a roo a few days ago. I believe he got in a fight with my adult roo and where they was locked in the coop was not able to get away. He was probably the sweetest one of course. But I have several I'm going to have "to take care of" shortly anyway. So nature just made that decision for me.

Happier note. Quail grow so so so so fast.
One week and you wouldn't believe they was in the same bath in the incubator.
I am sorry Daniel. :hugs

I had a lavendar D'uccle and a Jubilee Orpington drop dead today. The D'uccle looked off yesterday. The orp looked fine.
Well dang Cappy. :hugs

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