Redhead Rae

Chickens, chickens everywhere!
5 Years
Jan 4, 2017
Braxton County, WV
It sounds like youve had both then. I got a question, I cannot eat lamb. The first time I ate it I didnt know and had a very nasty stomach. I thought I had food poisoning but no one else who also ate that food had any issues. Skip forward several years, I ordered lamb to try it out. I hated the taste and thought I cooked it wrong or it was spoiled, and had the same reaction as before. Again no one else had an issue though. People have sworn to me that you cannot be allergic to meat, but I wonder. I have tried goat and to me it tasted great and I had no issues. Its is really expensive here though. Thoughts anyone?
I’ve heard of people getting a tick borne illness that causes them to become allergic to red meat. Never heard of anyone being allergic to one type of meat though. I wonder if there is a standard treatment butchers do specifically to lamb an not other meats that could be bugging you.

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