Peeling hard boiled eggs

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May 4, 2008
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I was wondering if any of my really smart chicken raising bothers and sisters would know a neat trick on getting new eggs to peel when hard boiled.I think that older eggs will peel easy but how about fresh ones.??
The single best way that I found is to make the egg easy to peel in the first place by cooking it just right. And I have tried EVERYTHING--to include poking a pinhole in 'em.

This works even with my freshest eggs:

Bring the water to a boil.

Once boiling, carefully place the eggs in the boiling water. (I have a metal wire cage that I use to make it quick and easy to put in and take out).

Maintain boil for PRECISELY thirteen (13) minutes.

Remove from the hot water, give 'em a little hose-down or dunking into cool water, then immediately remove and allow them to dry OUT OF THE WATER.

Most of 'em peel very nicely. Sometimes it helps to "roll" the egg that you're opening to fragment the shell a bit more, but normally I don't have to do this.
i've tried everything. even the best results are disappointing. i try to have some older eggs in reserve, but like everyone else i usually don't have any when i need them.

wonder what it is that causes an older egg to peel easier?

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