Rooster Attacked by dogs


8 Years
Apr 3, 2011
South Carolina
My roo was attacked yesterday by dogs. I plan to take him to work to my vet today. (I work for a vet) But he isn't up to date on poultry care. We only treat cats and dogs.

I guess what I am asking if anyone has advice to antibiotics we should try him on orally. I may even have one of those here at home. He's in pretty rough shape. I haven't seen him eat or drink on his own. I did put his beak in water and he drank some this morning. I was going to take him to be seen right after it happened yesterday, but after screaming and yelling and bawling my eyes out at my dogs who suddenly stopped obeying me to kill him I had a migraine that went on for over 10 hours.

Here's the miserable boy:



His face is swollen around his eyes and he has bite wounds on his back and butt. He also had one of his wings (hopefully it was mainly the feathers) crushes at the tip by one of my dogs. One dog tried to strangle him so I don't even know how he is still standing...
Even though your vet is not a poultry expert he/she can go online (VIN) and chat with several poultry experts. Expect to photograph the injuries or send a short video clip for online viewing. You'd be surprised what your vet can do with this free service. Good luck with your little guy!

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