what breed?


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Sep 11, 2008
what breed is

1. easy to take care of .
2.easy to show great for beginners.
3.preferably no feathered feet .
4.i know this ranges from bird to bird but very sweet and docile
5.lays well

i want to show a bird next year and was going to get some this spring but my question is what to get?
i do like the Blue Wyandottes i would say blue laced red Wyandottes but the competition does not recognize them.
aaahh just checked all the hatcheries i could find that was about 7 all together.
and only one has Blue Wyandottes.and they are st run only i need hens not roos.
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any other suggestions anyone anyone :
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Polish are easy to show, and most judges will choose them because they look "cool." At least, those not familiar with Standard of Perfection.

RIR's are always my favorite. Not production reds, but actual Rhode Island Reds.
Silver Laced Wyandottes, Gold Laced Wyandottes

Cornish (not Cornish crosses, but actual Cornish). Not the best layers...but still neat to work with.

Black Rock, Barred Rock, White Rocks.
When I said earlier, any variety of Wyandotte, I wasn't thinking about the Blue or Blue/Red because I have never seen them except as straight run.

White, Columbian, Gold Laced or Silver Laced Wyandottes can all be purchased as pullets.
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I've got SLWs, BLRWs and Blue wyandottes. They are very calm birds. My BLRWs lay fairly well when they aren't broody, the SLWs lay ok and only one of my Blues is laying so far and she's been laying 5 or so in a row and then taking a day off.

If you're wanting to show them you'd be better off getting them through a breeder not thru a hatchery.
keljonma thanks i knew you meant any variety of Wyandotte i just said the colors that i liked but you mentioned some colors i have never seen i may have to look into it.

Katy yeah i know i have been looking for a breeder near me but most i find let there birds roosts/live/free range together so the results would probably be a mix not that these are breeders but people on craigslist or something similar selling egg chicks or adults.

mikarod i dont know about those breeds polish have never been one of my favs and our fair goes by Standard of Perfection i have a few mixed rocks but
Wyandottes are still an option
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