Predators & Pests

Chickens are prey to many predators and can also be the hosts to some pests and parasites. Learn how to manage against some of the most common chicken pests and predators.

Because they are a member of the rodent family, squirrels are known to prey on small snakes, birds, young chickens, fellow rodents, and lizards.
Have your chickens been killed by the neighbor's dog?
Has your dog gotten out and killed all the neighbor's chickens?
See how to handle the situations here.
More than 50% of an eagle’s diet comes from fish and carrion and they don’t usually hover around backyards to hunt domestic chickens. However, eagles are opportunistic feeders and they will take...
Cats are valued and sometimes kept exclusively for their hunting skills, especially on farms where they are used to keep rodent populations under control. But for a chicken keeper their hunting...
Crows are scavenger birds of the genus Corvus in in the Cirvidea family, which also includes magpies, ravens and about 120 other bird species.
The presence of lice in chickens can significantly diminish overall poultry health, and are known to result in unproductive hens.
Rats like to live alongside humans, and take every opportunity to prey on their food and livestock.
Bobcats are known to hunt any time of the day, but are commonly observed to do so during twilight hours of dawn and dusk or early evenings.
Internal Parasites - Worms
Worms, what are they, where do they come from and what to do about them.
Bears are omnivores in the Ursidae family. They are found mostly in North America, Europe and northern and central Asia.
Ask any farm or poultry breeder and he will tell you, without hesitation, that dogs and chickens don’t naturally mix.
Are you wondering how to introduce chickens to dogs?
If so, you will need to read here.
Mice are not necessarily armed with the killer instincts. But, given the opportunity these rodents can wreak havoc on a poultry farm especially when they target the small, vulnerable chicks.
Mountain lions are the second largest native North American cat (the jaguar is slightly larger). They are known by a number of different names - cougar, panther, painter, catamount and puma.
My Solar fencing for my free-range chicken area is about 6 weeks old now and I am extremely happy with how it turned out.The fence is almost exactly 200 metres in perimeter, This gives my hens and...

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