1. Speedychicken27


    I am getting a baby bunny in a few weeks and it will need a name! Pls comment cute boy and girl names! (My previous bunnies name was whinnie she was amazing):love I have came up with 2 names u can vote but pls comment more.
  2. ChickenGirl555

    Chicken Names

    Hello! I'm getting 4 polish on April 7th, and we have only 2 names picked out. We're not sure if they will be boys or girls, but we got 1 Buff Laced Polish, 1 Silver Laced Polish, 1 Black Crested White Polish, and we ordered 1 Tolbunt polish but we're not sure if the supplier will be able to get...
  3. Lovechickens!

    Idea Names for my rooster and hen

    If y'all don't mind sharing a few names to help out....... I have a little black bantam hen, she's really tiny but full grown, and then I have a multi coloured rooster he is an Old English Bantam.(and very pretty) I haven't thought of any names for them and need ideas from you guys. :) I...
  4. Ellie's Herd

    Cool, Corny, or Cute Pullet Names

    I have one Golden Comet Pullet and one Production Red (specific to Cackle Hatchery) and I'm having a hard time naming them. I've decided not to take pictures of them yet so they can settle in but I need cool, corny, or cute names for one golden colored pullet and one light red and white pullet...
  5. WyanDotteMeow

    The final name for our wyandotte!

    Created by mistake.
  6. WyanDotteMeow

    Naming WyanDotte number 3!

    In the previous two polls I questioned what will be the wyandotte's names shall be, We have already named two of the chickens: Dixie & emma. And now Its up to you what the third one will be named!:ya
  7. WyanDotteMeow

    Naming wyandotte number 2!

    A few hours ago, I created a poll On what I should Name our first chicken. And The poll closed and the results where in. The chickens name is dixie! But now, We are naming The second chicken!
  8. WyanDotteMeow

    Naming Wyandotte number 1!

    My last thread was about collecting names for our new wyandottes. And I've chosen a few names from the comments and collected some from the internet. Hope one of your names make it through!
  9. Boonie Stomper

    Chicken Obedience Training

    School is in session for my 3 students. Meet Missy, Dasher and Donner. Top to bottom respectively. Missy is oldest but very submissive. Dasher is so fast she almost always gets Missy"s goodies, even from her mouth, before she can eat it. Donner is relatively slower and dumber than the...
  10. Valleychickca

    Name my Golden Comet?

    We just adopted a 4 month Golden Comet and are having the hardest time naming her. I've always had chicks and named them right away. It's harder when they are more grown up! Plus, we have a nature theme and lots of letter "L"s in the names (by coincidence, I must like them). Our current...
  11. Chickenlover9090

    I am new to chickens can I have some advice please?

    Hi i just got some chickens (2 Buff Orpingtons,1 silkie,1 australorp) and I just wanted some good advice on raising chickens that are all 8 weeks old and there name are (buff orpingtons are {Coco,Chilli} and the silkie is {Mojo} and the australorp is {Pearl} because she is a shiny pearl color)...
  12. N

    Looking for Unisex names for a light grey auracana chick!!

    i was just looking for a name on here but i couldnt really ind one that was both unisex, and suited the chick.
  13. HeidiEmbrey

    What are you chickens names, and how old were they when you named them?

    Hi! Just wondering, how old were your chickens when you named them, did you name them on day one, or wait till they grew up to see what they would look or act like? Also wondering what your chickens names are, and why you named them that! Do your birds names follow a theme or do you just go...
  14. Jayecookie

    So excited but need help

    I am so excited to announce that I finally own chicks... four barred rocks to be exact. They are my favorite bird. I have named them Victoria (because Queen Victoria), Mary (Mary Queen of Scots), Gemini (gypsy theme), and Veronica (Ronnie for short cause I like the name). Do you guys have any...
  15. BrandonMcfly

    Redsexlinks :)

    Hi everyone I recently got two cute redsexlinks pet baby girls the names Dylan & Kurt (Cobain). They're very cute! I just wanted to see other people's sexlinks :) feel free to tell me about them I'd love to hear it :love tell me the names how old they are the personalities and pictures of them...
  16. hugitnotnugget

    Name ideas? :)

    We just got this girl last night. She was getting picked on at her other home. She was iffy last night but she is acting great this morning :) she now needs a name. Any suggestions? :)
  17. Lauren Kim

    Cute Names for Specific Chickens

    Hi, BYC community! I have come up with a long list of cute chicken names that are sorted by breeds. Orpingtons - French Toast - Lola - Garlic - Honey Plymouth Rock - Zebra(based on color) - Kwan - Adri(means "rock" in Indian) - Zia Speckled Speckled Sussex - Klaus - Curious - Spot - Apt(quick...
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