Crossing the Road
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Apr 10, 2016
Santa Cruz Mountains, California
The new roost affects Lucky, Cashew, Roxy, Minnie and sometimes other girls. They’re starting to pile in, so I’ll tell you how it goes!
Well, that was a bit of MAYHEM! LOL. But it sorted itself out in the end. Upper coop was unaffected. Bridge controls who roosts up top with her and tonight it was Dorothy. Ruby and Millie are ALWAYS on the lower roost of the upper level and tonight was no different.

After much squabbling, the girls ended up pretty much in their usual spots. In the main/lower coop, in back from left to right: Luck, Roxy, Flash, Flo, Cashew. In front left to right: Buttercup, Sunny, Minnie. The littles are still trying to figure out where to fit in, so I’m not too worried about that. The only “bummer” is that Minnie did not get to roost beside Cashew. Even though Minnie is 1.5 years old, she still likes to roost beside Mama Cashew. I figure either she’ll take her spot back or not. I’m not interfering.
I did end up wrapping that new 2x4 in a towel, since that’s what they are used to.

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