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You aren't traveling like you used to, correct? Maybe some more (safely done) day trips in your car is in order. That will get you out and about some.

I'm a musician and this pandemic has been horrible indeed. We cannot make music with other musicians in real time and enjoy that feedback loop of creativity. We cannot play for the public in real time, and have that feedback loop either. I work on original tunes some, and play along with music files to keep my chops up (failing there), learn new tunes, and wait.

Calls and weekly Zoom sessions with friends, exercising and otherwise getting outside as much as possible into the natural world, and the interesting news, pictures and great people on this thread have greatly helped me. I am making little projects fixing the chicken's quarters, and even just tending them is interesting, but I am a newbie of course, and all the Buckeyes are getting along pretty well. I garden also and may try to start little green trays for them.

I also realized I enjoy that the chickens are up during the day and our cat Big Boy comes alive in the evening. So when one in the animal world is frustrating or a block, sometimes there's the other. What's going on with your cats? Davis and the other cat to the rescue? Do they need some new toys, a new area to explore (do you have any cat shelving?) or a special grooming session with you? Just ideas...
These are all great ideas. I don't travel at all anymore. I think it is all about being deliberate now. I think I have outlasted the ability to cope with just the randomness of life providing the interactions I need. I need to schedule some things and be cognizant of where I find myself. Simple self recognition and deliberateness.

As far as the cats go, Davis does not play like he used to. He's too grown up for that. Isabel is too old to play. She would pop her hip out or something. 😆


Jul 31, 2018
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I've been missing other people for a long time now. Lately the chickens have not been great company either. Soon the weather will have me locked indoors as well. I'm concerned about navigating this winter well.
I'm not having any of this Bob. You are either having a bad day or the Covid fear is taking hold. The former will pass but the latter you must guard against.
A few people I know were feeling the same dread of the coming winter probably accompanied by more stringent confinement conditions, especially some of the people I know in the UK.
There is a partial solution Bob and that is to break the rules.
A hypothetical situation.
I can be fairly certain that some of my friends are less likely to catch Covid than others as can most people if they put some thought in to it.
Every time I go shopping for example my chances of contract the virus are relatively high; even with the precautions like a proper mask, hand cleansers and doing my best to keep away from other shoppers. In the small local shops, the risk is low, but in the supermarkets and moving through people in towns and travelling on any form of public transport, the risk is a lot higher.
We (people) make risk assessments all our lives. If one takes reasonable precautions, the risk of catching Covid is lower than the risk of haviing a vehicle accident relative to risk exposure. Things like this have been forgotton in the hysteria.
The next important point is not everyone who catches Covid dies. In fact, it seems from research that a high proportion of people do not even know they are carrying the virus.
I could go on but you are quite capable of working out your own risk assessment with the knowledge you have.
Some people I know are having a social life but it happens at their homes. They and a very small group of friends have arranged between thenselves a night a week when they meet and have supper, or something.
I would quite happily sit down for dinner with my eldest daughter and her husband because I know the degree of caution they have. I would not sit down to dinner with the people in the main house here because they are completely irresponsible.
For people who find the lack of human contact a burdon my view is it is better to take a calculated risk and stay sane and reasonably happy with something to look forward to, than to take isolation for fear of a probably small chance of becoming seriouusly ill with Covid to an extreme.
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