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Jan 1, 2016
Hershey, PA
Fat Bird has been around egg counting again. She got in the nest box after chucking Moon out stood in it for few moments moving the eggs around and got back out. Moon got back in and laid her egg. Fat Bird does this to all Tribe 1's nests.:confused:
I must get a decent daylight picture of her. She's looking particularly magnificent at the moment.
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Excuse me Mam, I am going to have you to leave the nest.

Official egg census taker. Here's my credentials. As you can see I'm legitimate.

Please leave the nest it will only be a moment.

There you go. Off now. that's right.

Ok, what do we have here....


5 eggs.

Now what did they say in training. That's right count twice to confirm.


5 eggs

OK. that's the same. 5 it is. Right that in the box.

Mam. Mam!

That's right I'm done . You can have nest back now. Come on up. That's it, good.

Now where is my man, where is he. Oh! There he is.

Human! Human! Yes you.

I'm all through here. Pick me up and carry me to the next nest.

Yes that's right, pick me up. Why do you think you are here? Your job is to carry me.

That's it, hold me like that. You have learned quickly. Very good.

OK, off we go.


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Apr 22, 2016
DeForest, WI
I wanted to share a little video of Chickie making a little chittery noise. My Frizzle breeder friend said it was a happy noise and she sometimes made it when I was cleaning out the henhouse and she wanted to lay an egg. I’ve never heard any of my other girls make this noise.

Thank you for sharing. I love that sound too. :)
Jan 24, 2019
New Bloomfield, PA
Dear friends, I’m very sad to have to tell you I had Chickie euthanised this morning. Sunday to Tuesday she seemed to be having really good days but this morning, she was lethargic, reluctant to leave the run and would stand hunched with her eyes closed. I decided that this was not the behaviour of a chicken that is healthy and I didn’t think she was going to get any better. So I made the (very) hard decision and called the vet. Dr Nikki isn’t working today so Dr Kevin did the deed. I decided I would bring her back home and bury her next to Emily and we had a good cuddle first. I followed Shad’s example and buried her with a bit of cheese so she could pay the ferryman.

When it gets less crazy, I might buy a couple of shrubs to plant over Emily and Chickie, for now they have rocks so I know where they are. If it’s ok with Bob, I will post some of my favourite photos of her as a tribute.
I'm so sorry you lost her. You went above and beyond for her. You gave her the best chicken life possible.

:hugs :hugs :hugs
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