~The Sapphire Gem~ A Breed's Chat Thread



7 Years
Sep 13, 2015
Welcome to the Sapphire Gem chat thread! I created this thread as a place to gather and talk about the new, beautiful, regal breed; the Sapphire Gem! Anyone interested in this new breed is welcome here, feel free to post pictures of your birds and engage in discussion, this is a very new breed and hopefully it can gain some ground in the chicken world!

About the Sapphire Gem:
The Sapphire Gem is a new sex-linked breed of chicken with lavender and blue colored plumage. Hens will grow to be about 4lbs, while males will mature at about 5lbs. They are wonderful layers, bred to lay around 290 brown eggs a year. The breed is very close to Old Andalusians and does well in hot climates. They were developed by a breeder in the Czech Republic.
I'm happy you started this thread! About two weeks ago we purchased two chicks from Rural King. They both are supposed to be females, but I have my doubts. But they sure are cute! And much more calm than our other chicks. Quieter, too. A couple of chill little birds!


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@Sapphire Jan, beautiful chicks! It's a little early to tell but they look like girls to me!:) I got my first two "gems" about a week ago from Shipton's Big R, which they got from Hoover's. The two are pretty quiet as well, quieter than my Dominique, lol!
When I put them in the counter for pics, they were very quiet. The light one, that I named Jewel, proceeded to eat the corn meal that I put down. The dark one (no name yet) just stood there. Later, I did the same for pics of another breed of chick, and HOLY COW was she loud!
And your Jewel is adorable with the unique marking!
Thank you! And I'm just getting started with the breed so I'm a little uncertain as to weather the absence of yellow on yours indicated a different breed. Along with The Moonshiner's post; the barring and the absence of yellow (maybe I don't know for sure) might be a sign they're males. Though I have heard from numerous sources confirming that barring indicates males.

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