Injuries, Diseases, & Cures

Coccidia are a microscopic parasitic organism that infect poultry when ingested by the chicken.
Why are my hens not laying? Some common causes.
Avian pox is a relatively slow-spreading viral disease in birds, characterized by wart-like nodules on the skin and diphtheritic necrotic membranes lining the mouth and upper respiratory system.
A list of information and Frequently Asked Questions about Marek's disease of chickens, as told from a backyard hobbyist point of view.
Vent Gleet is a chronic disease of the cloaca, also called the "vent" ,"butt", or as my 5 year old sons suggests "The Tweeter".
As I happily embarked upon my first rearing of chicks, I was horrified to see that one of them pooping reddish poop. The woman I had bought the chicks from said this was normal. WRONG. It is...
Omphalitis is a common cause of death in chicks during the first week of life and most common with artificially hatched chicks.
Sometimes in chicken-keeping, things happen that no one expects. It could be a sudden disease, a squabble between birds causing injuries, or even a predator attack that leaves your birds wounded...
Bumblefoot surgery - with pics and "how to" Graphic but Informative Pics
Bumble foot is an infection in a bird's foot that, if left untreated, can lead to crippledness or death.
Graphic Pictures - Well, you can add one more thing to the list of things I never thought I would do in a million years. I operated on a hen tonight and performed crop surgery.
Egg binding is dangerous for the hen because eggs and bodily waste are expelled from the same opening – the vent.
No matter how long you've been in chicken keeping, you're bound to run into a chicken who needs to be dubbed or trimming of some sort. The reasons can vary a lot, but lets...
There are many common and important diseases which can affect the respiratory system (air passages, lungs, air sacs) of poultry. Poultry Diseases and cures.

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