1. LunaMarieWolf

    Sebright crosses?

    I was wondering what the babies of my new silver sebright hen would look like if crossed with my porcelain d'uccle roo? Any pics would help!
  2. Joev1973

    Sebright breeding coop

    I have a large coop with 20+ resident chickens and 8 guineas who only come home at night to roost in the coop. A few months back i picked up 1 golden sebright male and 2 female and built this little coop just for them in hopes they will hatch some eggs. They are not laying yet but the male is...
  3. leighjay33

    Young Sebrights Helping Me Grieve

    Hey y'all! I'm sorry to get off to a depressing start. My 29 yr old daughter recently passed away and I'm consumed with grief. My whole world fell to pieces and I want to die and join her in Heaven most days. I've been living at an RV park for the last year in a 2016 Gulfstream Travel Trailer...
  4. HendricksonHomestead

    Egg Laying Issues

    I got 3 one year old laying hens (1 RIR, 1 barred rock, 1 isa brown) at the end of June from someone rehoming them. They were all laying one egg a day consistently right away for about two weeks. Then all of a sudden the barred rock and isa brown stopped laying completely. I didn't know if it...
  5. E

    1 y/o hen died of Marek’s. Should I sell my unintroduced pullets to save them?

    Long story short: I found one of my hens yesterday unable to walk, and after spending the night at the emergency vet, it’s been determined that she most likely had Marek’s. She passed away in my arms earlier this afternoon. I have two sebright pullets, about 12 weeks old, who have not been...
  6. HendricksonHomestead

    Golden Sebright...Pullet or Cockerel??

    I'm almost 100% sure my golden sebright is a pullet. But I wanted to get other people's opinions! What do you think....male or female?? She/he is about 15 weeks old.
  7. LovesHerBabies

    Raising our first chickens!

    Hello All! my family and I got our first chicks about 5 weeks ago. We have 4 bantams and have found these forums to be very helpful since day one and so I have decided to join. We have figured out that we have two white silkie chicks, one golden sebright and one buff brahma. I have been doing...
  8. Freidabrest

    Hello I’m Freida!

    Hello I’m Freida I’ve had my own backyard chickens for the last two years, however I’ve looked after and cared for chickens since I was about 9 (I’m 18). Currently I have 6 hens, 2 chicks (female) and 2 cockerels that live at my grandad’s house (as we have a semi detached house) My oldest...
  9. Kalinabean

    Teeny tiny sebright egg

    Hi everyone! My sebright has been laying regularly for about 3-4 months, but today she lay the smallest chicken egg I have ever seen. I am not too concerned just more curious to hear what people think. Here are a couple of photos of the egg, one of her regular eggs and the lady herself.
  10. thefadedstitch

    Gold/Silver lace Sebright X

    I have 2 gold lace Sebright hens and a Silver lace rooster. I'm wondering what potential colors the offspring could be if I hatched. Does anyone have pictures of offspring from this cross?
  11. BrahmaMom1797

    Translucent feathers?

    I have a rooster who seems to have translucent feathers! He’s gorgeous though he’s rather rude. A Silkie/Sebright mix. Is there any possibility that this could be a Silkie trait? I’d love to know if anyone else has seen this!
  12. Kalinabean

    My chicken has an upturned nail

    Hi guys, I got a beautiful little sebright about two weeks ago and noticed that her middle nail upturned middle nail on her left foot. The skin on the bottom of that toe also looks to be wearing (I guess because she has no nail there to protect it). Is this a serious issue? I’ve never seen...
  13. Amenbrotherben

    Aggression of Cochin, Sebright, Japanese and Old English Game Bantam Roosters

    Hey everybody, I ordered 17 straight-run Cochin, Sebright, Japanese, Old English Game bantams a few weeks ago. Im not sure how many are roosters yet but my guess is, there will definitely be multiples. My question is: Are those breeds pretty aggressive with one another if they live in the...
  14. Amenbrotherben

    My Coop!

    Hey everybody, Here is my August 2018 setup! We live Conyers, Georgia (30 miles east of Atlanta) on 5 acres of land. We currently have 5 buff Cochins Bantams, 2 barred Cochin Bantams, 2 blue Cochin Bantams, 1 red Cochin Bantam, 1 golden laced Cochin Bantam, 2 silver Sebright Bantams, 2 black...
  15. My Coop!

    My Coop!

    Hey everybody, Here is my August 2018 setup! We live Conyers, Georgia (30 miles east of Atlanta) on 5 acres of land. We currently have 2 dark Brahma Bantams, 1 white Frizzle Cochin, 1 black Japanese Bantam, 1 white Japanese Bantam, 1 white Silkie, 1 white Rock, 1 barred rock, 4 buff...
  16. Amenbrotherben

    Roosters or Hens?

    Hey everybody, I ordered 18 straight run bantams from McMurray Hatchery. 3 are Silkies, 2 are Sebrights, 2 are Japanese Bantams and the rest are Cochin Bantams. They are 3 weeks old and I'm starting to notice a lot of squaring up and getting in each others faces. Is this a sign of a lot of...
  17. L

    Showing requirements

    My little brother has 7 chicks, 3 of which are Silver Sebrights and after browsing the internet and reading this site i have learned that they fly well would he be docked points if his show bird went into show with a clipped wing?
  18. HuffleClaw

    Come watch my flock grow!

    Hey all, I’ve currently got about 40+ chickens... This thread is about 7 of my chicks and to watch them grow! ;) Pictures: Silkies- Whites: Marigold & Clementine, Buff: Honey Silver Sebright- Dutchess Sunshine- Pyncheon BlueBell Sprinkles: Blue Splash Silkie Marie: Cochin...
  19. Peachfuzz221

    My chickens <3

    This is Paco, my Light Brahma Rooster. We got him from a friend at a few months old after our rooster, Pollo, grew mean. He has six Light Brahma hens in his flock and is the sweetest guy! He loves to eat out of your hand and pouts if he does not get to, loves to talk to people, and is a super...
  20. Mulderitsme00

    Did I get a mislabeled chick?

    This sweet little Bantam was labeled Golden Sebright. But upon google research that does not look right to me. She looks more like a Guineafowl. Is it still too early to tell?
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