Apr 14, 2018
Delmarva peninsula, USA
I'm glad to see you faired well through the storm @BY Bob ! We made out well, a long steady rain, just what we needed!

The chooks were a little soggy but no worse for wear, thankfully.
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I had high winds all morning that were really moving the trees. Most of the damage I had was in the forest so not a problem for me. My neighbors were not so lucky. This from My new next door neighbor and his new house . The Hens lost a corner of their rain cover over the run. Moved the vehicles up next to the rooster tractors to provide a wind break



Jul 31, 2018
Catalonia, Spain
My Coop
Lock, the hen who thinks she may be a rooster, who had the rough growths on her legs where spurs might be has now lost all but one small piece of the growth. One leg is clear and the last bit hanging on the other leg can't last long. I could have knocked it off tonight when I did her legs but better imo that it comes off when it's ready. Her legs are looking so much better. She has a set of four raised scales still at the front of one leg which I don't expect to change until they get replaced by new scales.
I'll get some pictures in the morning. It's difficult to take pictures at night while she's standing on the coop roof.

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