Sep 6, 2018
Nawlins, Louisiana

First let me say, I have not held Ned since he was a little chick that could not find his way into the coop. If this is the only way to hold him, I don't ever want to do it again.

Secondly, this little rooster which I cannot keep, is definitely in my heart. While he was warming himself on my chest and after he moved to my shoulder he pooped all over me. Huge liquid poops, 3 different times. Thankfully I still had the towel to sop it up. If you had told me back in 2013, when Mrs BY Bob cried me into getting chicks, that someday a rooster would crap all over me and I wouldn't be upset, I would have had you institutionalized. 😆

Thirdly, and this is most disturbing, none of the big chickens came to the house to get help. Every other time a chicken has fallen fallen in the pool, the flock has come to the back door screaming for help. There was nothing from this group. I don't know what to make of that but I am very disappointed in all of them and I have told them so.

Ned is back at it like nothing happened. Check him out.
:yaOh gosh Bob!! I am so, so glad! And happy :wee... WHEW!!!:th
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Apr 28, 2016
New York
It was too Close

As I sat there holding him in the hot sun, wrapped in a warm towel on one side and against my chest on the other side I was sure he was going to choose his eyes and not open them again. He was shaking so violently. No one else was here to help me. Maybe if Mrs BY Bob had been home she could have gotten the blow drier or made hot water to feed him or dunk him in, or warmed towels in the drier for me to use, all to help warm him. I had nothing but me and the sun to save him.

I kept rubbing him and talking to him as his eyes closed. Told him to stay with me.

After a while his sister came over to check on him. She peeped for him, he weakly tried to answer her. She was confused but finally saw him, then left and rejoined the flock.

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Here he is in my lap.
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After a while the shivering eased a little and he stoop up. Relief flooded through me. I knew he would make it now.

He eventually crawled up onto my shoulder and sat down.
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He nestled on my shoulder for a long while. That's when Mrs BY Bob got home. Always fashionably late that one.

Eventually Ned would move up to the back of the chair and preen in the sun.
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That must have been so scary for both of you! :hugs I'm glad he recovered though.


Sep 6, 2018
Nawlins, Louisiana
Your children can put a real scare into you and go off and act like nothing ever happened. That is how I feel right now.

I'm certain you are right,. He is telling the ladies how tough he is and how he got me to hold him because he wanted to crap all over me. Heck Aurora might have dared him too crap on me and that was his master plan.

I bet you can't poop on him!

I can!

Can not!

I bet you i can poop on him 3 times and he'll be glad I did it!

No way! Can't be done!

Just you watch!


Don't anyone help him! He's annoying!


Sep 6, 2018
Nawlins, Louisiana
Does anyone have problems with mosquitoes in their coop? I am sure our Ozzie friends must have man-eating mosquitoes to contend with!
I just came in from locking up the Princesses and it is a nasty, hot, humid, sticky night and there are mosquitoes everywhere.
They seem to be bothering the ladies. Not badly, but it looks a bit uncomfortable.
I wondered if any of you have solved this problem.
Thanks for any wisdom!
Oh my gosh.. the beginning of the summer we had HORRIBLE swarms.. worse than usual! The only thing I could come up with that helps a bit is a fan... it could help a lot if I would put it on high but I don’t like to keep it blasting like that for long periods...


Apr 18, 2019
SE Idaho
Final count is 2 chicks. 1 from Henrietta and 1 from my marans pair Drumstick x Daisy. I had to assist the little maran as she was horribly malpositioned and starting to shrink wrap. She's alive and getting stronger but i really wont breath a sigh of relief untill the 48 hour mark. The other egg i thought had pipped was a quitter on the verge of exploding. And since nugget was a angel and very tolerant of me messing with the eggs/chicks last night i was able to candle the other 3 eggs properly. all early quitters. I don't know if the poor hatch rate was due to the fact that she chose to sit in the middle of our hottest time of the year had anything to do with it. Or if i was just due for a poor hatch.
Meet Clover.
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I think all chicks are very cute but I've got to say that the darker colored ones like Claudine and Clover really catch my eye. :confused:

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