Obeying her avian masters
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Apr 20, 2019
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
He should know better. :lau He's been caught in the cross fire on my thread several times when all the book nerds get going @ once! :gig I just hadn't even bought a chicken book yet because I couldn't find one that seemed to cover everything I wanted covered & Shad just will not pull his finger out! :p

I didn't think it was possible for anyone to own more books than I do ~ but you just might have me beat, Kris.

And if we really are having an online book club please be advised my copy won't be here till mid February & I do want to be included!
Ditto! Please wait for us Aussies! 🙏


First of her name, mother of chickens.
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Mar 30, 2019
NSW, Australia
OMG it is so hot tonight! It has been an absolute stinker all day and when it was twilight it still wasn’t much better. All the girls had gone to bed but they were all standing up and panting. I checked the laundry and garage but both weren’t any cooler. Then I thought about putting the dog crates in the run. The girls would be close together but any breeze would blow right through and should give them some relief. I put water in each crate and a tarp over both. I can hear the wind now so I hope they’re feeling cooler.


BY Bob

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Jan 1, 2016
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I can just see her on a little couch with you on a chair next to her with a note pad and pen.

ByBob: " Bak awk babook book book?"
Aurora: "Book Book book book! bawk awk!!"
ByBob: " Bak aaawk took took book?"
Aurora: "Took took book? Bok bok bok araaaawrk!!!"
ByBob: "Well! No need to get personal...!"
Well played! 😆

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