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Jan 1, 2016
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OMG it is so hot tonight! It has been an absolute stinker all day and when it was twilight it still wasn’t much better. All the girls had gone to bed but they were all standing up and panting. I checked the laundry and garage but both weren’t any cooler. Then I thought about putting the dog crates in the run. The girls would be close together but any breeze would blow right through and should give them some relief. I put water in each crate and a tarp over both. I can hear the wind now so I hope they’re feeling cooler.

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That is clever. Is it early for it to be that hot?


May 8, 2020
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Ok, I have a cute post response for this, with a FBFriday contribution even... and my Internet is sucking... to the tune of no photos, not even if I make them small and grainy... anyways Purple and I both say, don’t necessarily be afraid of using snap bands. She says she wore one with no discomfort and only some slight upset when the foodbringer needed to take it off (with the help of the food bag bringer). Meat birds are very food focused so a couple mealie worms made up for it quickly. I just wanted to make sure you got all the pros and cons as I see them, oh, I also ordered the very cheapest thing I could find on Amazon, so I think a lot of the shortcomings I found were primarily quality related. More pictures to come of my Curvy Girls when my internet decided to behave! I have 5 more hours of Fluffy Butt Friday here to post...
Thanks so much, Kris & Purple!

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