Dec 18, 2018
Island, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Flock Observations from the Weekend

Hattie was more herself this weekend than she has been at any time since she started her molt. I sat on the ground with them several times with snacks and Hattie actually came within arms reach again. She was doing her usual good job of alerting everyone to danger. Even more telling, she was following me around on Sunday, checking out what I was doing. She has not followed me around in what feels like months.

Phyllis thinks a second coop door is in order. Aurora is back to her Gandlaf imitation. "You shall not pass". So twice over the last 4 days, Phyllis led me to the other side of the coop so I could open the big coop door and let her in. I pondered this all evening and frankly I can't really figure out how I would add another coop door to the other side. It is much more difficult than just cutting a hole. It would however stop the Gandlaf treatment. Is it sad that I am thinking of doing construction because of 1 renegade hen?

Just because it is such a great scene and so apropos.
It's a great scene, isn't it?! :D I'm sorry Aurora hasn't learned her lesson. She wants to watch out or Hatti will repeat her instruction.

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