Dec 29, 2020
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
My Heart is Warm

Good Saturday morning… At least here in California. My heart is warm for two reasons as follows:
  • Little Mill had started starving herself during molt just like last year. This morning I mixed a bowl of half layer crumble half baby bird formula made nice and soupy with warm water and she ate heartily! Here she is last at the bowl! I’m not sure why she won’t eat regular dry feed while she’s molting.
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  • Though Bridge is also molting and doesn’t want to be handled, Buttercup is completely done with her molt and does want to cuddle. It’s a shame she always has a poopy butt, because the fluff is fabulous otherwise.
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Out of interest how old is Buttercup here?
Snow, my light Sussex, is growing so much and I’m not sure how big they get as a breed. She’s matching Bok, the ISA, in size already but a lot of it is fluff I’m sure! So much beautiful fluff 🥰

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Oct 12, 2018
British Columbia, Canada
Oh BIL owns the pee jacket. I missed that. Makes sense! :lau
Yep, I tossed it in the corner, started with some positive reinforcement, and it’s now her preferred target! She will go out of her way to pee on it. Three times now since I washed it yesterday and it hasn’t even made it back into her litter box. I had to get that off of my mom’s chair right quickly! (To anyone who may be confused by this... big family drama BS, don’t ask, it sucks) Somehow training my little baby goat to “pee pee on the James jacket” is something that has brought so much joy to everyone I have shared that tidbit of info to in the community. And it’s just a wee bit personally satisfying in a way as well.


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Apr 20, 2019
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
I am confused.
Alice has her head tucked over her right shoulder, preening. You can see that her toes are facing forward but she is doing a great impression of a Fluffy Butt!




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Nov 3, 2019
Northern New Jersey
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