Momma goose


Jan 17, 2021
Hi im new at this but I have a couple of geese she started laying on eggs a while back 1 baby hatched but she is still sitting on eggs the baby is a week old n im sure the others won't hatch by now but she won't get off the eggs. What do I do? Dad is taking care of the gosling while she just sits. I saw something about candling the eggs in another post what does that mean. Thanks momma goose mom

Percheron chick

7 Years
Apr 12, 2013
Hudson, Colorado
With the flashlight on your phone, shine the light into the side of the egg. If the contents are dark, it's developing. It should be mostly full if it's ready to hatch. If it's clear, it's a dud. Toss and she'll get off the nest.
Pretty common to have eggs at different stages when you have multiple layers. They add to the safe nest and the broody is more than happy to help.

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