Free Ranging
Mar 10, 2017
Greater Seattle
For single and double crochet, chain an even number, then turn, do a double crochet in the second chain, and then single crochet, then continue with double, single, double, single. You'll end with a single, then turn, chain one and start with a double and just keep doing double, single, double, single,v until it is as long as you want. You can do singles for a border all the way around until you're happy with it.

Bunny speed dating went ok, we brought home a neutered boy to see if they will bond. I found out a fat, medium-sized girl bunny can climb up and squeeze through a 2.5 inch gap if she really wants to. And the boy has no problem changing sides when he upsets the girl bunny. I'm hoping they bond cuz the boy is a real sweetheart and doesn't spend every minute trying to hump her.

:hugs :hugs:love:love to everyone.
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