Outdoor Chickens during the Minnesota Snow Emergency

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    We just had 20 inches of snow come down in Minneapolis. It took down the metrodome, but couldnt beat our coop. Is there anything special I can do to make sure the kid stay warm and comfortable?

    I just saw this short video about a documentary filmmaker who is keeping chickens in Minneapolis as well. He says that although most people dont keep a heating lamp on during the winter, he keeps one in the coop so the chickens stay warm. Can that be harmful for the chickens? Would they freeze without it? The chickens in his video seemed pretty happy and well-cared for. The video is here: www.perennialplate.com
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    Do you only have one bird in your coop? I ask because you called it the "kid". How big is your coop? Chickens will cuddle with each other in the cold and they like company. If you only have one bird in a largish coop then he or she may indeed be getting a bit cold all by him or herself.

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    You know I think you should go with your gut feeling. It was 5 here this morning with a high of 17. when it gets down into low teens the heat lamp comes on when it gets into low 20 it goes off. I have good ventilation in my coop and just that little bit of warmth seems to make my chickens happier. I said I'd never have heat but I could see the cold was bothering them, so I checked the internet and found a really great heat lamp on Premier1 for $26.00 made sure it is secure and I feel better and my chickens are doing great. Now just to find out how to keep my ducks and ganders feet from getting cold.hmmm
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