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    How are Forums, Articles, and Reviews different?
    With so many options, which medium is appropriate for what type of content? While we believe it's ultimately up to you to decide, here's a bit of guidance.

    First, forums, articles, product pages (and reviews of those) are all separate features and different ways you can interact with the site and its members. They are tied together across the site to make related information easier to find, but there are in fact many differences.


    What is it?

    Suggested Use

    • ideal place for group interaction
    • here each user can start new threads, respond to existing threads and posts, etc.

    • ask questions to the community
    • post links to interesting articles and start a conversation
    • articles allow you to author an article on your own to share information to the community and the world

    • "How-to" instructions and guides
    • informational articles
    • personal opinions of products AFTER having personal experience with those particular products

    • candid and respectful personal opinions

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