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  1. BYC Support
    Registration & Membership Questions:
    Video "How To" Demo of Using BYC:

    General Site Questions:
    Misc. Site Questions:

    How are Forums, Articles, and Reviews different?
    With so many options, which medium is appropriate for what type of content? While we believe it's ultimately up to you to decide, here's a bit of guidance.

    First, forums, articles, product pages (and reviews of those) are all separate features and different ways you can interact with the site and its members. They are tied together across the site to make related information easier to find, but there are in fact many differences.


    What is it?

    Suggested Use

    ideal place for group interaction
    here each user can start new threads, respond to existing threads and posts, etc.

    ask questions to the community
    post links to interesting articles and start a conversation
    articles allow you to author an article on your own to share information to the community and the world

    "How-to" instructions and guides
    informational articles
    personal opinions of products AFTER having personal experience with those particular products

    candid and respectful personal opinions

    Hopefully most of your questions have been answered above. If not, please check out our "Required & Suggested Reading" links, and if you're still stuck, please start a new post in our Website & Forum Feedback & Announcements section!

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  1. Texas Kiki
    "Great chart!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 25, 2019
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  2. mrs_organized_chaos
    "Helpful starting point"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 8, 2018
    This is a great place to start it it could use some updates. Looks like the last update was 3 years ago.
  3. ronott1
    "FAQ good but dated"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 26, 2018
    Nice article!
    It looks like some things need to be updated. Picture of the week is an examble


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  1. chicken danz
    where is buy sale trade
  2. WVduckchick
    In the "Misc Site Questions" section above, the link "What is the BYC Rule / Warning System" works, but the links in the first post of that thread do not work.
    (that thread is closed for comments, so I couldn't ask there)

    * the link above for (Warning Chart) is also broken
    * Same broken link in the "Required and Suggested Reading" thread.
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  3. Mugwump87
    If I "start a conversation", is that private between myself and the other?
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  4. Mugwump87
    My account says I have 8 messages. How do I find them?
  5. Mugwump87
    How do I send someone a private message?
  6. db and cj
    Does anyone know how to delete yourself from this website and delete all personal information and questions posted?
  7. db and cj
    how do I cancel my association with and delete all my info?
  8. Linda Lu
    Next to my pic it says “ From. The brooder” I have no idea where that came from and can’t find a way to change it. I don’t even know what it means or where it came from.
    1. snow5164
      It’s a rating system based on how many times you’ve posted on this site , there must be a list somewhere
  9. Ducksandchickens
    Help! How do I make the questions and bold letters in intro. I’ve noticed a lot of people do that and I’m not sure how
  10. Johnnubs
    How do chics shipped thru the mail keep from dying
    1. Semperviridis
      They live on their yolk sac for as long as 72 hours. They absorb it during hatching.
  11. Christina Fleming
    Is there a way to change my screen name? I didn’t realize that is what I filled in at the time of sign up and entered my real name.
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    1. Blue Sky Blue
      did you ever get a reply, i need to do the same thing
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    2. BYC Support
      What do you want it changed to?
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  12. Jnkmoultonr1
    Very helpful and Thank you guys

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