Jul 31, 2018
Catalonia, Spain
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Thank you everyone for the best wishes for Tap. I'm not entirely sure why I worry. I've had chickens living in the trees here before and they were fine. It was the combination of anger and surprise and having a routine broken.
Anyway, this is where she was. I must have walked right past her within three meters or so at least half a dozen times while I searched for her. Not quite high enough but not bad for a first attempt.

A few steps back and you can see what I mean. She was in the small tree on the right in the picture below.


Dec 18, 2018
Island, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
My Coop
Covid is teaching me that the list of people I need to have in person connections with is much smaller than I always thought. :confused:
It's taught me what a blessing it is not to be reliant on other's company to be fulfilled & happy. I thought the men in little white coats would have to come & cart 1 or 2 of my neighbours off to the funny farm. They have not done well in isolation.


Crossing the Road
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Dec 24, 2018
Adelaide, South Australia
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A few of my girls (I'm looking at you Alice and Pepper!) have been carrying on like pork chops whenever they lay an egg or think about laying an egg. They can carry on for five or ten minutes at a time.

To give the neighbours some peace of mind that I am not axe murdering them as a regular morning event I called out the window to Alice when she started in.

"Oh Alice! Have you laid an egg? What a good girl!"

and to my amazement she shut up! Huh! 🤔 :jumpy
I do that too! But in my case I do it to shut them up because I don't want the neighbours to complain and the council to force me to not keep chickens any more.

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