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Hope Hughes

Crossing the Road
Apr 1, 2017
Madison, FL
My Coop
My Coop
@Chickassan I was born and raised in the FL keys, you wanna talk about a Zoo!!! I absolutely love the keys, they way it was when i was younger. But 21 years was long enough. After think Oklahoma would be "country living" we found a very awesome place here I'm north FL like literally 25 min from GA line. So peaceful and definitely alot nice. We traveled alot before the business got really busy so we got to see and spend time in all the other places so we got the best of both.

@21hens-incharge my husband is a motor head.. used to build/work on them in a Harley shop he has been meaning to rebuild his 1975 Ironhead. But has had so many different he loves them!
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