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Other Fowl

Introduction to Keeping Ducks How To Raise Ducks For Meat, Eggs, Companions Incubating & Hatching Muscovy Eggs Raising Ducklings To Ducks Duckling Care & Brooder Ideas Duckling Care and the Ancona...
Ducks and geese are hardy and fairly easy to raise. Their brooding requirements are simple and they don't need special housing or equipment, but they can be MESSY!
So you have decided that you want ducks. Good decision! But you need to be prepared for the special challenges that raising ducks include. I have two "flocks" of ducks. One that I call my adult...
Why should I raise Geese? Geese are wonderful creatures with many great capabilities.
Geese are primarily grazing animals. They have similar nutritional needs and eating habits to horses and other similar livestock. An ideal diet for geese would be 80%+ fresh grass, supplemented...
What is angel wing, what causes it and how to manage it.
The first step of raising ducks and/or geese is to decide what you are raising them for. Certain breeds of ducks and geese are bred for certain reasons.
We couldn’t just leave them there. “It is Earth Day, after all,” I shrugged and that set us in motion.

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