Links to My Favorite Articles & Other Stuff

This is just a list for quick reference to some helpful articles & threads that I like to be able to find easily.
  1. FlappyFeathers

    Advice For Chicken Owners

    Get Started Section

    How to Raise Chickens -this one has links to tons of other information


    How Much Room Do Chickens Need

    Chicken Coop Ventilation - Go Out There And Cut More Holes In Your Coop!

    Predator Proofing

    A 3 Year Chicken Rotation to Optimize Year-Round Laying

    Supplemental Light in the Chicken Coop: Why and How

    Dangers of Supplemental Coop Light

    Prevent Frostbite During Winter

    The Question of Supplemental Heat

    To Insulate or Not To Insulate

    Mud Management


    Kick The Heat Lamp: Better, Safer And Healthier Options To Heat Your Brooder

    Heating Plate VS. Infrared Bulb (thread)

    Mama Heating Pad

    Pseudo Brooder Heater ‘Plate’

    Raising Chicks Outdoors

    You Certainly Can Brood Chicks Outdoors

    Integrating at 4 weeks old

    How I Help Weak Baby Chicks to Survive (old thread but informative)


    See But Don’t Touch

    The Essential Quarantine

    Integrating at 4 weeks old


    When A Hen’s Mood To Hatch Should Be Interrupted

    Train Chickens To Come

    Chicken Bully/Chicken Victim

    How did YOU train dogs to leave chickens alone (thread)

    Keeping A Rooster (my favorite)

    The Ever Misunderstood Rooster

    Dealing with Roosters Roo Behavior

    Heat Hardy Chicken Breeds

    Cold Hardy Chicken Breeds

    Raising Cornish Cross for Meat- the TRUTH

    House Chickens (thread)

    Chickens and Children (thread)

    Raising and Caring for Ducklings

    Duck Forum

    Gardening Forum

    Games, Jokes and Fun

    Pictures and Stories of My Chickens

    Random Ramblings

    Family Life

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  1. ChickNanny13
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Nov 7, 2018
    Is there any list of meds vs ailment?
    1. FlappyFeathers
      That sounds like a great idea for an article... but which I know nothing about, sorry. I just made this list for quick access when I want to copy/paste a link in a thread to help guide people in the right direction.


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