Hatching Eggs & Raising Chickens

Hatching baby chicks from eggs is an exciting and rewarding process. Learn how to incubate eggs, take care of hatchlings, and properly care for brand new fluffy chicks.

There are many benefits to having a broody hen raise the chicks, rather than by a human. Even if the eggs are hatched via incubator or the chicks are from a hatchery, I personally think that the...
Raising your baby chicks - A quick, short, instructional guide
Socializing with baby chicks to get friendly hens and roosters.
The Henthusiasts' Still-Air Styrofoam Incubation Cheat-Sheet
CANDLING PICS: Progression Through Incubation Thanks to ZooMummzy, I am doing a test run of my little plywood bator and her little rooster! And I'll be sharing pics! These images are all taken...
A step-by-step guide to making your own egg candler
Incubating and hatching eggs is one of the most enjoyable aspects of chicken keeping. Learn more about this amazing process!
I now incubate fewer eggs each year and have more chicks that I did when I was incubating several hundred each year for myself, though most of what I hatch today is for other people.
You're the proud owner of a little "fuzz-butt"... now what do you do to keep it warm, happy, and healthy?

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