Maintaining A Healthy Flock

Raising chickens requires proper care. Learn how to maintain your flock so they remain healthy, safe, and happy.

Most chickens are known to be egg-laying machines while others aren't, But do you ever notice that one of your birds is really slowing down or isn't laying at all? There may be multiple reasons...
Many of a start with just a few chickens and then quickly learn that we want to add more to the flock. Here's how to do that properly and safely
For many of us backyard chicken enthusiasts, biosecurity is a big word that hints of government intrusion, regulatory oversight, and a host of issues we’d rather not have to deal with. However,...
This section provides information about diseases specific to poultry. BYC makes no guarantee as to the validity or effectiveness of any information presented here.

Avian Pox...
These pages provide information about some of the predators & pests that might impact your backyard chickens.
This is a hot button topic for a lot of people, so I'm not looking to give advice. I'm looking to make people aware of something that's a reality in chicken keeping.
Approximately 2% of all chicken eggs has some defect, ranging from minor, barely noticeable faults to downright alarming deformities.
Many of us are used to the uniformity of whole chickens at the grocery store. When choosing to process chickens at home, the differences between the size and type of chickens vary greatly.
A guide to understanding and dealing with roosters and their behaviour
Before free-ranging your chickens there are some steps you should take to make sure your flock gains the most benefits from free-ranging, that they remain safe, and that they return to the safety...
Egg Binding refers to a very serious condition in any female bird that has an egg stuck in the oviduct that she is unable to pass.
Everyone wants to get the most out of their birds and not just eggs. People want happy, healthy birds. I have listed some things you can do to keep your birds happy healthy and productive....
Are your hens escaping your yard? You may need to clip their wings. Learn how to safely perform this process and this article.
Here's what I've found works to point the girls back toward the nestboxes.
This is an index of pages for information on raising and processing meat birds. Some of the links have graphic pics.

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