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Why is ventilation such a big deal? Because chickens are amazing producers of moisture, ammonia and heat, that's why.
Lice & mites can be a big problem. Learn more about this enemy and how to keep them off your chickens.
Aesthetically appealing, easy cleaning and maintenance, & sturdy to handle those occasional tropical storm conditions here in Florida.
Hoop coops are known for being relatively inexpensive and easy to build.
This beautiful coop must be seen and admired. It's definitely a favorite of the community!
A gorgeous mobile chicken coop based on the plans in "Raising Chickens for Dummies" Book
If you confine your chickens to a run, you are quite likely to have a mud problem eventually...
Incubating and hatching chicken eggs
A list of information and Frequently Asked Questions about Marek's disease of chickens, as told from a backyard hobbyist point of view.
Avian pox is a relatively slow-spreading viral disease in birds, characterized by wart-like nodules on the skin and diphtheritic necrotic membranes lining the mouth and upper respiratory system.
Keep pests away from your chicken's food with this amazingly ingenious feeder!
CANDLING PICS: Progression Through Incubation Thanks to ZooMummzy, I am doing a test run of my little plywood bator and her little rooster! And I'll be sharing pics! These images are all taken using a point and shoot Canon Powershot 710IS,...
Although many people may say egg eating is impossible to break, and to just cull the hen, in many cases this is not true.
From Message Board member Kent in WA: "You can make free waterers and feeders for about $4. Check at your local grocery store. If they have a deli or bakery then ask for their buckets. My local Albertsons has all the free buckets you'll ever...
Uses for an using Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

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