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An illustrated guide to the 9 different comb types
So I'm making this page to enter into the feeder contest but I did not come up with the idea. It came from the following post along with many other PVC feeder ideas. The feeder is simply a 4...
If you are considering whether or not to raise chickens, what the disadvantages of raising them are, as well as the benefits of raising them are, this article could be of much help.
I hope that this information will help anyone who is thinking of raising broilers and that you enjoy it as much as I do!
Turkey incubation, hatching and raising poults. Including common diseases and prevention.
HomeMade Chicken Feeder

When I first built my coop I threw together a heap of junk and made a super ugly but incredibly functional - space saving chicken feeder. You can see it (in all it's...
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Past experience with an old hovabator over 15 years ago left me not wanting to try and hatch eggs myself. The thermostat was wonky and unreliable. Even...
Skunks (also known as polecats in the USA) are medium size mammals, probably best known for their ability to spray a liquid with a strong, unpleasant odour.
A guide to feeding your backyard chicken flock
DIY automatic pop hole opener
Hard plastic cooler DIY incubator
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by Terry G.
Items needed:
1 gallon bucket with handle and lid
1 old 5 gallon bucket (the one I used was cracked but the bottom...
Duckling care, brooder ideas and the Ancona breed

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