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48-Egg Home Use Automatic Turning Poultry Incubator (110V) is a practical gadget in our daily life. Getting rid of traditional boundedness, it is designed into visible style, allowing people to view the whole process of incubation. It is in mini size
The peacock (Pavo cristatus) is one of the most beautiful and colorful birds in the world. Technically, the name “peacock” refers only to the male peafowl. The female peafowl is called a “peahen.”


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Australian Chicken Breed
Golden comets are know for high egg-production. Golden comets are a modern day egg-laying day strain of chicken. They are a cross between The white leghorn hen a Rhode island red rooster. Like leghorns, golden comets are know to lay at a very early age, some begin as early as 16 weeks!


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The Ancona has a "mottled" color pattern of black with white spots, and both Single Comb & Rose Comb varieties are accepted by the American Poultry Association. Like other Mediterranean breeds, Anconas are closely feathered, active, good foragers and

Broad Breasted White.

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The White Broad Breasted Turkey is the most common of commercial broad breasted strains of eating Turkeys on the market today. The White Broad Breasted Turkey is also one of the largest of the breeds and generally are not able to reproduce very well.


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This is a sweet and game chicken breed. They are mostly for shows, and pets. They originated in China or Southeast Asia.
Innovation Pet's Deluxe Farm House is a TSC Exclusive and can house up to 8 chickens. Solid wood construction with heavy-duty latches and an asphalt roof Sliding rear window and sliding door provide added ventilation Nesting box, roosting bar and ram
Automatic Drinker Cups allow for easy watering of adult chickens
11 and 22 pound hanging feeders
Also called the English Show Roller or just Show Roller, they are larger than the regular Birmingham Roller and Performance Roller with a more robust body and shorter face, with a heavier build! Not good performers, for exhibition only!

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