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Now that they are laying how do I eat the eggs?
Wood vs. plastic for nest boxes?
Easiest way to raise chicks
Finally a dry chicken pen!
Laying Year Round
Who's got December molters?
How does roof type affect humidity in the coop?
It's 13 degrees outside...And I am worried
Clipping a rooster'z spurs???
Show me your brooders in your coop!
Roosters to hens ratio
Watering cups, Spouts, Gravity bowls?
Winter egg laying
Winterizing coop not working out
How to secure: Weasel&Coon on the loose
Where/how do you store your feed?
Rooster Crowing too early?
Water Clean, Thaw, and Outside..?
snow in run
Metal corrugated roof! Ugh...
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Chicks in the winter, when can they go out side??
Incubation-do I have the steps right?
Halloween/Thanksgiving HAL Other Poultry Photo Contest
Concrete Sand In Run?
Keeping the Coop Warm in the Winter
Dust bath
Venting about Roosters
Give up on chicken laying in nesting boxes?
Dealing with rats
In the emergency of a natural disaster where do you move your chickens?
Enhanced Protein Feed - Winter?
Your very last chicken... what would it be?
Why won't my Hens lay any longer?
Winterizing a small coop (7 chickens)
Do you let your chickens out in the cold rain?
How to keep a super healthy Flock??
Will pullets start laying or is it late in the season
Winter predation?
Run space requirements for HAPPY hens
How heavy is your egg?
Best cheap run roofing
Composting chicken run
Do You Need A Rollaway Nest Box? - Win A Free Nest Box From
Halloween/Thanksgiving Hatch-a-Long 2019
Don't tell the wife, I'm growing fodder in the 2nd bathroom!
Entertainment for your flock?
Introducing Puppy to Flock
Best Budget Food
Treats that your birds don't like
My First Winter with Chickens
How will my chickens do in snow?
When Can I Start Putting Training Eggs in the Nest Boxes?
Is free range safe?
Lighting for henhouse at night??
How to feed my chickens on a budget? Issues with roosters?
Adding heat to coop in winter?
New pullets, night lights advice?
What breeds do you wish you had?
What do you put in your nest boxes?
It happened to me, too many chickens
Biggish coop, few birds, will it stay warm enough?
Chicken math prevailed!
What chicken breeds are most likely to go broody?
Free ranging and chicken hawks
What is Your Favorite Word to Describe Your Flock?
Free choice or not
Discussion: Where do you put your brooder, and why?
Aggressive Rooster - Best Rooster Breed
Introducing new chickens into an established flock--questions
What are your favorite treats
FAQs on Collecting and Storing Farm Fresh Eggs
When do chickens lay?
How much water
Eggs for food vs eggs for chicks...sound off please
What do you feed your chickens?
Keeping a clean coop...
What's the one thing you wish you had included in your coop?
Mites, mites, everywhere....
Rooster Training Advice
Let's see repurposed coops/nesting boxes
Keeping the Girls Cool in 90s & 100s temperature...?
Free choice feeding vs. Scheduled feeding; opinions??
What Chicken Breeds do you Dislike & Why?
How Necessary is a Ramp? Any Alternatives?
Safety of buried eggs?
Adding a rooster to my flock ... ? wash or not to wash?
My puppy is my peeps new predator!
Is a dust bath necessary if you have a deep litter coop?
To Catch a Chicken
Are these chicks old enough to go outside?
Homemade Feeders/Waterer
Raising Roosters vs Acquiring One
I have mites.... Help!!!
Coops and gardens
How do I keep my chickens out of my neighbors yard?
Feeding scraps to chickens
I need options; roosters to hen ratio.
Ramp training 101?
what are y'all saving from the wild to deal with coming crisis?
...just BUYING a chicken run?
Chick feed/ medicated or non?
Free range or large run
What to expect when adding new hens
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When can babies mix with adults?
Official BYC Comb Photo Contests - 2019
Outdoor pen question
Feed sack recycling ideas??
Food & Water in Coop
Methods of keeping roosters... are any effective?
Safe heat source and Brooder set up?
Bringing home new hens
Feed and water in pen/coop
Healthy feed for new flock
Chickens eating eggs
Help with my dog who wants to eat my chickens!
Natural Practices to prevent Health issues?
Emergency! Babies in storm drain! Update: They are safe!
Coop Bedding/Litter
How long do chickens lay eggs?
Tips for helping chickens live a long, healthy life?
What age to allow chicks to roam the yard?
If you could create a breed or a variety of a breed, what would you make?
Show me your solutions for a muddy mucky chicken yard!
Mixed flock versus single breed flock - pros and cons? Which do you keep?
What would you have done differently?
Good small dogs for protecting flock
Hawks, Netting, Miracles, and the Missing.
What is your favorite chicken breed?
Coop Run flooring suggestions
What do you do with all those eggs?
Roost size, shape, style?
Can my chickens stand the heat
Natural Easter Egg Dyes
Introducing my baby chicks to year old flock
How to RAISE a good rooster.
What is Your DREAM Flock? (And What's Realistic?)
Outdoor Brooders
Cutting the feed cost of chickens
First time hatching advice
Not laying in nesting boxes...
Best way to keep chickens out of our garden?
Putting eggs under a broody
Mixed flock, what to feed?
Strangest/Funniest Places Your Free Range Hens Lay
Broody Hen?
Hatching vs purchasing chicks
Keeping Older Hens
Testing My Dogs with the Flock
My chicks are four weeks, are they ready?
Treating your Chickens?
Strange Nesting Boxes
Why do you have the breeds you do?
Making your own feed
Contest #3 Cutest Baby Fowl! - 10th Annual BYC Easter Hatchalong
Chronicles of Raising Meat Birds - Modern Broilers, Heritage and Hybrids
When are chicks old enough to be outside during the day?
Taming a Rooster?
Observations on Egg Blooms
When to cull old hens??
Roost Questions
How to Keep Hawks Away?
How to get a free range diet in a coop/run
How often do you get new birds?
Official BYC Coop Page Contest #10
Candling help, now with more pics day 8!
Advice for a newbie: Chicks or Pullets?
What should I try to avoid?
Best bedding for wet muddy run
Roof for Chicken Run
Best chicken breeds
Why are we raising chickens?
Just how useful is a rooster anyway?
Help finding the right coop
Chickens in winter
The 10th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-a-long!!!!!
Help! My Chickens have not laid eggs in several Months~
Spring Chicks!
Cold eggs
Locking chickens in coop vs leaving access to run?
If You Could Only Have 6 Chickens...
Best foods for chicks besides the basic starter feed
Safer Living Through Bribery
Opinions of cold climate chicken keepers needed
The flock. Mixed or all the same?
How to get started??
Starting a Fodder adventure
Too many roosters
Decorating your coop?!
do dark yellow or orange yolks mean they are healthier.
Show me inside and outside of your homemade coops
Best Integration Methods?
Do Chickens Really Need a Run?
What type of waterer do you use?
Hatching winter chicks.
They choose to sleep outside...
Build or Buy?
Raising a rooster
Help! We need Recommendations/Thoughts on these items for chicks?
Guard dog ?
What do you wish you had known before incubating?
Keeping water from freezing in the winter
BYC Store Specials- 1)Buy a Tee and Get a Calendar Free and 2)The Cookbook Calendar Combo
Space needed for meat chickens
Beak Trimming
Lets talk about layer feed...
Pros and Cons of Free Ranging
How do you store your chicken supplies?
#1 Recommended breed to new keeper?
What were your worst mistakes when you first started?
Question about adding chicks to a flock???
Brinsea - Cutest Baby Fowl Photo Contest! 10th Annual 2019 New Years Day Hatch-a-long!
What Rooster Breed for Mixed Coop
Free range or enclosed run?
How necessary is a dust bath in winter?
What to do about chickens eating eggs?!
Chickens not sleeping in coop
My chicken is a bully!
Chickens and Snow
How long before chicks can be moved outside
Lifespan of hens
What are your five favorite breeds and why
Eggs for sale
Is it OK to leave my chickens locked in the coop for the winter?
Egg Value
Coops in wet, temperate climates? Bedding?
What if you get a roo?
fodder, meal worms, and diet questions
Official BYC Mini Contest Series - Win one of Forty (40) 2019 BYC Calendars!
Bedding - Pro’s & Cons
Greens when grass is gone
Deterring night time predators?
What do you do with your eggs when you collect them?
Best dewormer for general use?
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Lights in the coop question???
Toys and non-boring activities for my girls during winter?
Chicken Shaming to Lighten the Mood
Near laying birds and winter delimma help
Best grass to plant in a chicken run?
Chicken math, broiler edition: How to raise meat birds
How to keep chickens cheap?
The great yolk color debate
How cold is too cold for hens?
Chicken Run - Buy or Build?
How do YOU winterize your coop?
Introducing chicks to our dogs :)
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Coop Build Advice
Halloween Hatch-A-Long 2018
Extra Light
How do people free-range their chickens??!!!?
How long do chickens molt for and what does it look like?
When do you start giving baby chicks grit?
When will my chickens start roosting?
When will I know if he is a good one?
Feeding the Flock Frugally
Fall-winter, molting and egg laying
Plastic Wrapping Runs
Introducing new chickens
Supporting snow in winter
Winter is coming...
When to put in the nesting boxes
Is my flock healthy? 6 signs of a happy chicken.
How do you regulate humidity?
How far will true free ranged chickens go?
How to fix a swamp??
BYC & sister site's Trivia Challenge Hunt—Game Over!
Old Fashioned, Common Sense Chicken Keeping.
Official BYC Contest - Post your best (worst) chicken molt pics!
How to teach chickens to use nipple waterer?
Question about things they CANNOT eat
Keeping Nesting Box clean?
To wash. Or not to wash. That, is the question.
To Roo or Not to Roo?
What do you raise your chickens for?
How to get hen to use nesting box
The perch experiment
Perch width, what’s the science?
*Roosters ONLY!* (Rooster Management)
How often do you add chicks?
Electric poultry netting
Chicken keeping without coops or with mutiple coops
Double Yolker Day 17 And Alive!
What to do with old eggs??
Inside chickens?
How do you store your eggs?
Getting the girls INSIDE the coop at night??
What have you repurposed while building ?
Retrain a hen?
Preventing aggressive behaviour in cockerels/ roos
Top 5 best egg layers GO!
How early can i integrate my chicks with the big flock?
Why not spoil them?
Chickens dig tunnels?!?
Sign of hens about to lay?
Partially covered run— best litter method
Pros and cons of unsexed chicks?
transition to coop
Roosting issue
The HUGE 2018 Coop Page Rating Project!
Rooster behavior
Where do you get your baby chicks?
When to change feed types
Looking for the best meat birds
If you had it to do over again, what would you change about your coop/run?
Nest boxes
Two questions on eggs...
Very aggressive rooster
Help with dust bath
They won't roost in the coop :(
Brooder Heating Plate vs Infrared Bulb
What's the weirdest mix you've had?
Mixed ages... mixed feed?
First chicks by mail - any advice?
How to Pick up Hens
2019 BYC Calendar - DEADLINE AUGUST 31 - We Need Your Votes!
Advice on roosters
Colourful and Unusual Chicken Eggs!
Topic of the Week - I wish I knew…
16 eggs, 3 species, 1 homemade incubator: Will it be done?
Save the date: #ChickStrong Check-in on Thursday!
To wash or not to wash eggs? That is the ?
Topic of the Week - Temperature and humidity in incubation
Show off your diy coop!
What defines a good rooster?
Topic of the Week - What do/can you do with unwanted roosters?
When to combine chicks with adult hens
Adventures in Incubating Shipped Eggs
When should roos move out
Is 300 chickens enough?
Topic of the Week - Candling Eggs
Topic of the Week - Moving Chicks Outside
How much did you spend on your DIY coop?
Which waterer is better? Nipples or cups?
Wing clipping...yay or nay
Spooky Broody!
Topic of the Week - Getting started, keeping turkeys
Run: roof or no roof
Keeping roosters together
What is normal after hatching?
Topic of the Week - Recycling (In) The Coop
ChickStrong Trivia Video - Dr. Patrick Biggs, flock nutritionist with Purina Animal Nutrition
Dogs Protecting Chickens
Topic of the Week - Managing Brooding Geese
Incubating against the odds...
Freeranging unsupervised?
On Bedding and Cleaning
When do you decide to integrate?
Topic of the Week - What is the purpose of your flock?
April's Fools 2018 - New BYC Cryptocurrency: ChicKoin
Official BYC Poll - Which Breed Characteristics/Traits are the Most Important to You?
Do I really have to keep chicks in brooder for 6 weeks?
Topic of the Week - Feeding mealworms, bugs etc.
➡I accidentally bought Balut eggs: 2 live ducks! Now a Chat Thread!
Topic of the week - Coop training the flock
**CONTEST CLOSED** Contest #7 Cutest Baby Fowl - 9th Annual BYC Easter Hatchalong
Where’s the money!? Chicks? Eggs? Pullets?
Chicken Flocks: Mixed or All One Breed?
Do I NEED a roo?
Have you ever had a nice rooster?
Contest #5 - Flapper Contest - 9th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-A-Long
Topic of the Week - Incubators 101
Topic of the Week - Integrating ducks
To free range or to not free range? That is the question
Heat lamp? Cheaper way to heat?
Making Feed from Japanese Beetles
Topic of the Week - Raising and caring for goslings
Beginner - Are chickens low maintenance?
Is “Chicken feed” necessary?
Any luck with double yolkers/twins?
Topic of the Week - Broody vs Incubator
Struggling with affordability of coop
How to calculate how much eggs are costing?
The Great SI (Shape index) experiment
Will a heat lamp create a fire even if it doesn’t fall?
Rooster Flock Thread
Broody Hen raising day old chicks now what
Choosing Breeds!
Topic of the Week - Getting Started, Keeping Geese
The 9th Annual BYC Easter Hatchalong!
Adding new birds to an existing flock...
Official BYC Contest - Guess when we'll reach 19 Million posts and you can win!
Good mixed flock rooster?
Topic of the Week - Off-grid Feeding - Homemade feeds, etc.
Chicken toys? & Fun treats?
Best materials for roosts?
Chicken tractors and portable coops!
I want a good layer like sexlinks but...
Topic of the Week - Raising and Caring for Ducklings
How much land? Chicken/Turkey to acre ratio...
Need help on beak trimming
Timing for starting a flock
Topic of the Week - Sexing Chicks
Frozen Eggs: are they safe to eat?
Too clean equals bad? fact or fiction?
Topic of the Week - Duck Housing
How do I treat chicken lice?
Broody Hen
Topic of the Week - Bumblefoot - Prevention and Treatment
Ideal run fence
Frostbite thoughts
Chickens and grit
Raising Chickens to Hens for the first time! (Maryland)
How Cold of Weather Can Chickens Stand Outside of Coop?
Topic of the Week - Feeding Ducks
Tips on building a cheapo coop and run?
Topic of the Week - Christmas in the Coop
Hardy, friendly chickens recommendations...
Keeping my chickens warm and laying
Topic of the Week - Duck Hens 101
Ideas on a self-sustainable flock?
How do you keep your water from freezing?
Topic of the Week - Coop Heating and Fire Safety
You know you're a backyard chicken owner when...
Coop Cam
How do you get ready for winter?
How long will a hen mother her brood?
Dogs and Electric Fences
Young roosters
How To Prevent Frostbite?
Topic of the Week - Cleaning and Storing Eggs
Mystery solved: Why hens stop laying eggs
Trying to reduce chicken feed costs
Should I stock pile eggs?
9th Annual NYD Hatch a long 2018 HAL Baking & Gingerbread Contest
Topic of the Week - Drakes and Drake Behaviour
Sand as litter?
Black Friday in the BYC Store!
Turkey and guinea fowl with chickens?
Best Dog Breed to Double as Both Housepet and Chicken Guard?
Chickens not roosting in the coop
Topic of the Week - Chicken Behaviour and Flock Dynamics Part 2 - Bullying Behaviour
Buy a Teeshirt-Get a FREE 2018 Other Poultry Calendar
To coop or not to coop?
chicken lice, best natural product ?
Topic of the Week - Frostbite, prevention and treatment - Graphic images in thread
To Heat or Not to Heat-That is the Question
Thinking about free ranging
Quarantine/Integrating *Stranger* Chickens
Winter Dust Baths
Growing Grass in the Run
Official BYC Coop Page Contest #9 - ENTRIES CLOSE SEPT 30TH
Topic of the Week - Chicken behaviour and flock dynamics - Part 1 - The pecking order
Deworm or Not to Deworm
What do you like to do with your eggs?
Topic of the Week - Coccidiosis
Official BYC POLL: Chicken Keeping - Easier, same or harder than dogs/cats?
A Haunter Run A'fowl Halloween Photo Contest - Win A Free Feeder Kit
Free guide: Getting started with chickens
Topic of the Week - Adding a Rooster to the Flock
Switched to sand, but...
roosts for winter
Safe eggs start with strong shells
Chickens not laying
Trying to get a firm handle on my long-term feed costs
Topic of the Week - Moving chicks out of the brooder and into the coop
Transporting Chickens
Winter food
Backyard chickens are a kid's best friend
Topic of the Week - Perches for Coop and Run
Fall brooding? Story and questions
Heated water dish (or other methods) reviews wanted!
Topic of the Week - When eggs go wrong
How to stop our hen from hopping the fence
Shipped eggs to incubate -- how to's, please...
Topic of the Week - Chicken Keeping in Weather Extremes
Official BYC Contest - Post your best (worst) chicken molt pics!
Topic of the Week - How much space for your flock?
Hen Getting Ready to Lay??
What feeders and waterers do y'all use?
First, Second, Third and on and on Incubator hatch help appreciated
Topic of the Week - Maintaining a Healthy Flock
How long do chickens need to stay in brooder?
How do you spoil your chickens?
How to stop a rooster from crowing?
Predators and free ranging
Where do you all get your chickens?
Topic of the Week - Organic/Natural Chicken Keeping
Other Poultry 2018 Calendar - Pics & Pre-Orders-Closed for Submissions
What type of feed do you provide?
Simplest way to increase flock?
Dogs and chickens
Topic of the Week - Chicken Myths, True or False?
Handling a young cockerel tips?
Helpful hints for building coops
How do I raise a single chick?
Topic of the Week - Saving Money, Feeding Chickens
Summer Blowout Sale in the BYC Store-Extended through End of August!
Ground Covering for Outdoor Run?
Topic of the Week - Treating Chicken Injuries
The highest value treats?
Therapy Chickens: 3 Flocks Changing the World
Topic of the Week - Special Needs Chickens
Roost behaviour-anyone ever watched them?
Official BYC Coop Article Contest - 2017 - Win a Auto Coop Door Kit
First Egg Stories?
Fluffy Butts: A Photo Shoot Inevitability
Topic of the Week - Fly Strike
CLOSED FOR SUBMISSIONS - 2018 BYC Calendar - Your Pictures Needed!
Teenage Chickens: 3 Frequently Asked Questions
Topic of the Week - Nest boxes
I LIKE my Rooster
When your hens stop laying....
Topic of the Week - Keeping Chickens Cool in Summer
Best Bedding for Brooder?
Five Tough Chicks and TWO Amazing Embryos!
Where Do You Stand With Incubation?
Topic of the Week - Building a Chicken Coop
Hatching shipped eggs tips
why do you keep chickens?
Raising Baby Chick-Along
Topic of the Week - Toxic treats and foraging
Broody Hens and what to do?
Why should you care about worms in your birds? What can you do about them?
Topic of the Week - Beaks, spurs and nails
Don't eat that.
6 Milestones for Backyard Chickens
I need rooster 101
Rooster Flocks!
How To Start A Backyard Chicken Business By American Poultry Auctions
Transition of chicks into flock
Medicated vs Non-Medicated Feed
How To Troubleshoot & Report Problems
Welcome To The New BYC!
Managing a fully free range flock, tips please!
Integrating chicks into flock at 4 weeks old.
Mixing breeds in my flock
Hoop Coop Pros and Cons
What makes a coop Fort Knox predator proof?
How to get rid of hawks?
A treatise on Electric Fencing
Trials And Tribulations Of Suburban Meat Bird Production
Do I need to separate a hen and chicks from the flock?
So many feeding questions... (homemade feeds, price, where to buy, yard scraps, etc) Help!?
Is long grass a problem?
Excavation by Birds - A Word of Warning
Sustainable Meat / Standard Bred Dual Purpose Bird Thread.
What do you have in your flock?
Chicken Breed Focus Project
Mama Heating Pad in the Brooder (Picture Heavy) - UPDATE
Hemp bedding
Keeping chickens cool in the summer?
Pseudo Brooder Heater 'Plate'
The Feed and Yolk Experiment: Chicken feed and dark orange yolk color
Winter is Coming! Checklists, tips, advice for a newbie
How many of you FULLY Free Range your Cornish X Meaties? Tractors do not count.
keeping chickens cool in summer heat
Growing fodder for chickens
What type of fan works best inside coop?
FERMENTED FEEDS...anyone using them?
DIY Thread - Let's see your Inventions.
What color eggs does your chicken lay?
For the new folks that haven't experienced a molt yet.
Fertilizing a Lawn with Chicken Safety in Mind
Incubators Anonymous
Interior Coop Pics
Question about keeping newly hatched chicks with flock.
Old Fashioned Broody Hen Hatch A Long and Informational Thread
Indoor Pet Chickens
Hawk deterrent
How much to feed my chickens?
How I help weak baby chicks to survive. Hope it is helpful.
How To Keep Chickens Out of Flower Beds and Gardens
Official BYC Poll: Why Do You Have Chickens - Select All That Apply
Good treats for baby chicks?
How to Break a Broody Hen
Speckledhen's Ten Commandments of Good Flock Management
Selling or giving eggs away - Reusing store egg cartons o.k?
Aggressive and nicest breeds of chicken?
When do roosters start to crow?